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What Can You Do With A Degree In Earth Sciences?

Earth Sciences large elemental logoYou can do just about anything with a degree in Earth Sciences!

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Earth Sciences is committed to mentoring students as they build the elemental skills that employers want: communications, analysis, problem-solving and resourcefulness.

Rock-Solid Foundation

The leap from rocks and minerals to wood products wasn’t difficult for Amanda Orth (Geological Sciences, ’13).    

An Adventure Every Day

Brittany Dayley (Geological Sciences, ’15) is locked in a never-ending battle against the Earth a quarter mile below ground.    

Here’s just a sampling of interesting jobs our recent alumni have landed:

– Hydrologic technician, US Geological Survey

– Exploration geologist, Alaska Earth Sciences

– Field engineer, Schlumberger

– Environmental technician, Roseburg Forest Product Company

– Geophysicist, Micro-g LaCoste

– Project geologist, Oregon Department of Transportation

– Teacher, Ashland School District

– Geologist, Pason Systems USA


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