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What Can You Do With A Degree In History?

HIST_lrgYou can do just about anything with a degree in history!

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of History is committed to mentoring students as they build the elemental skills that employers want: communications, analysis, problem-solving and resourcefulness.

Kristen Donheffner

Seeing the Big Picture

Kristen Donheffner (History, ‘10) turns dense texts into bullet-point brilliance as a policy staffer for a U.S. representative.    
Mark Kolt

History Degree Pays Off for Investment Banker

Mark Kolt (History, ’10) uses research skills to help investors find The Next Big Thing.    

Here’s just a partial list of interesting jobs that alumni have landed:

– Operations manager, Associated Recreation Council

– Outreach specialist, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

– Executive team leader, Target Stores

– Cataloger, University of Oregon Libraries

– Communications director for the speaker of the house, Oregon House of Representatives

– Marketing account manager, KPD Insurance, Inc.

– Online video and CDN delivery consultant, ConSol Partners

– Social studies teacher, Alhambra Elementary School District

– Collection care specialist, Crook County Historical Society

– Junior script editor, Trancas

– International account manager, Predator Software, Inc.

– Caregiver, Arthouse of Portland

– Mental health therapist, Center for Family Development

– Development assistant, Museum of Natural & Cultural History

– Account executive, Clearwire

– Marketing manager, Sunset Mortgage Co.

– Site coordinator, SMART

– Due diligence associate, The Red Flag Group

– Tech support, Xerox Business Services

– Marketing assistant, Vet Source

– Veterinarian, Foxmoor Animal Hospital

– Executive administration, Fulfill Your Destiny Christian

– Chef, Sakura Restaurant

– Researcher, Marion County Historical Society

– Community manager and education technology specialist, Celly, Inc.

– Resource manager, Vircon

– Corporate social responsibility, Netflix

– Public utilities analyst, Bonneville

– Financial assistant, First Investors Corporation

– Record and archivist, City of Portland

– Judicial specialist, Oregon Judicial Department

– Corporate partnership and events officer, Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation

– Brewer, Ninkasi Brewing Company

– Fund representative, Capital Group

– Event service manager, University Advancement

– Logistics officer, U.S. Marine Corps

– Manager research analyst, R.V. Kuhns & Associates, Inc.

– Floor lead, Seattle Art Museum

– Loan officer, Bank of America

– Trauma consultant, Acumed

– Business analyst, S. R. Smith, LLC

– Lab assistant, Asante Health System

– Certified communication association manager, Helsing Group

– Heavy equipment financier, Kent Funding

– Triage, Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

– Salesperson, New York Life Insurance

– Real estate agent, self-employed

– Salesperson, Glory Bee Foods


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