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March 15, 2017

Behind the Scenes Scientist

Got a groundbreaking research idea? Ariana Evensen (General Science, ’13) can help you get it funded.


January 19, 2017

Hunting heads for Google

Sarah Morse (Psychology,’14) finds top talent for the multinational technology company.




Thirst-quenching Career

Brian Coombs (Chemistry, ’11) puts his science background to work brewing up barrel-aged beers.



Putting the Peppermint in Peppermint Gum

Jon Colligan

Jon Colligan (Chemistry, ’08) has used his chemistry skills for industry consumer-products leaders like Wrigley and Colgate.


The Magic Touch

Jason Wilson (Chemistry, ’11) works with digital technology as a materials engineer with Microsoft.





January 12, 2017

A Storybook Career

Rachel Espinoza (Theatre Arts, ’14) has the job she longed for as a young girl: dressing up Disney’s cast of characters.




November 30, 2016

Rock-Solid Foundation

The leap from rocks and minerals to wood products wasn’t difficult for Amanda Orth (Geological Sciences, ’13).




October 25, 2016

Change Agent

Diana Salazar (Ethnic Studies, Planning/Public Policy/Management, ’14) helps vulnerable groups.



September 15, 2016

From Sea Squirts to Banana Slugs

Christy Stumbo

Christy Stumbo (Marine Biology, ’14), who enjoyed her hands-on education, decided to become a teacher of the natural world.


September 8, 2016

Creating Opportunities

Sheree Speaks (General Social Sciences, ’14) helps open doors for those with disabilities.


August 30, 2016

An Adventure Every Day

Brittany Dayley (Geological Sciences, ’15) is locked in a never-ending battle against the Earth a quarter mile below ground.




August 5, 2016

The Psychology of Hope

Mara Tandowsky

Mara Tandowsky (Psychology, ’14) makes a difference for women in need with her knowledge of how the brain works.




August 4, 2016

The Physics of Problem-solving

Peter Adamski

Peter Adamski (Physics, ’12) uses problem-solving skills to develop software programs that work around the world.




July 21, 2016

Think About It

Kenzi Amodei (General Science, ’12) uses the hard sciences to help people make better decisions.




July 12, 2016

In the Field

Aaron Ennis

Aaron Ennis (Anthropology, ’08) is digging his way to success as an archaeologist for the Bureau of Land Management.




A Taste for News

Brenna Houck

Brenna Houck (Anthropology, Journalism, ’13) covers restaurants in Detroit, and nationwide.


June 27, 2016

Making a living playing—and building—games

Max Kohl

Max Kohl (Computer and Information Science, ’16) is a software engineer who makes video games.




Business Skills in Full Bloom

Jeramie Bloom (Judaic Studies, ’05) travels the globe while bringing yoga equipment to market.


June 25, 2016

Energized on the Environment

Joel Iboa

Joel Iboa (Sociology, ’14) works with lawmakers to ensure environmental protections for all.




June 22, 2016

A Shooting Star

Alyssa Rasmus (Cinema Studies, ’14) is doing video work for Amazon while running her own multimedia company.




June 21, 2016

Logic and Lobstermania

Jodi Manela

Jodi Manela (Math, Physics, ’08) writes the code that runs some of the internet’s popular casino games.




Logic and Lobstermania

Jodi Manela

Jodi Manela (Physics, Mathematics, ’08) writes the code that runs some of the internet’s popular casino games.




June 17, 2016

Classics and “Corporate Professional”

Cayla Prokop (Classics, ’14) uses communication and research skills for an upscale property company.



June 6, 2016

An Eye For Detail

Danit Trau

Danit Trau (Linguistics, ’11) serves families engaged in a spiritual experience with her analytical skills and eye for detail.




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