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Fresh Faces, New Knowledge

Twenty-six new tenure-related faculty have joined CAS, bringing expertise in glacial geomorphology, black feminism, classical archaeology and more.

The college is the intellectual hub of the University of Oregon, providing academic programs that support the mission of the entire institution and shape its identity as a comprehensive research university. Approximately 75 percent of all PhDs and two-thirds of all undergraduate degrees are awarded by CAS.

“The breadth and depth of research and teaching in the college is wonderfully represented in our new faculty members,” said W. Andrew Marcus, interim dean. “This is an exceptional group of scholars who will expand our horizons of innovation and discovery while furthering our collective commitment to superior education for undergraduates.”

New faculty in the humanities:


Pearl Brilmyer, assistant professor, English (19th- and 20th-century English literature, history of European philosophy and science, queer theory)


Marjorie Celona, assistant professor, creative writing (long- and short-form novels and short stories, contemporary fiction, history of the novel and literature by and about women)

Jeanette deJong

Jeanette deJong, assistant professor, theatre arts (costume design, makeup)

Kevin Dicus

Kevin Dicus, assistant professor, classics (archaeology of Italy during the mid- to late-Republican period)

Rachel DiNitto

Rachel DiNitto, associate professor, East Asian language and literatures (modern and contemporary Japanese literature, disaster literature and studies, Japanese literature and cultural studies, Fukushima nuclear accident)

Nicolae Morar

Nicolae Morar, assistant professor, philosophy and environmental studies (bioethics, philosophy of biology, 20th century continental philosophy)

Tze-Yin Teo

Tze-Yin Teo, assistant professor, comparative literature (comparative transnational and global modernisms, translation studies, literary theory, eco-criticisms)

New faculty in the natural sciences:

Nicholas Addington

Nicolas Addington, assistant professor, mathematics (algebraic geometry, derived categories, rationality questions)

Yashar Ahmadian

Yashar Ahmadian, assistant professor, biology and mathematics (theoretical and computational neuroscience, dynamics and computation in cortical circuits)

Timothy Cohen

Timothy Cohen, assistant professor, physics (particle physics and cosmology beyond the standard model, new models of physics at the weak scale, Large Hadron Collider phenomenology)

Ellen Eischen

Ellen Eischen, assistant professor, mathematics (algebraic number theory, automorphic forms and L-functions, especially p-adic aspects)

Aaron Galloway

Aaron Galloway, assistant professor, biology (trophic relationships in aquatic communities, the role of diverse basal resources as energy sources for invertebrate consumers in lakes, estuaries, and marine habitats, natural resource management, terrestrial wildlife ecology, citizen science, benthic invertebrate behavior and fisheries stock assessment)

Thomas Giachetti

Thomas Giachetti, assistant professor, geological sciences (magma degassing and dynamics of volcanic eruptions, formation and propagation of volcanic debris avalanches and associated tsunamis)

Adrianne Huxtable

Adrianne Huxtable, assistant professor, human physiology (neural control of breathing, with a specific focus on how inflammation throughout the body or brain undermines breathing)

Lief Karlstrom

Leif Karlstrom, assistant professor, geological sciences (volcanology, petrology, geodynamics, fluvial and glacial geomorphology)

Brice Kuhl

Brice Kuhl, assistant professor, psychology (cognitive neuroscience, memory, cognitive control, fMRI methods)

Diana Libuda

Diana Libuda, assistant professor, biology (genetics and molecular biology, cell and developmental biology, DNA repair, recombination, and chromosome dynamics during meiosis, genetic mechanisms of sperm and egg development)

Robert Lipshitz

Robert Lipshitz, associate professor, mathematics (low-dimensional topology, symplectic and contact topology, Heegaard Floer homology)

Annie Powell

Annie Powell, assistant professor, biology (intestinal stem cells during development, homeostasis and disease)

Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas, assistant professor, geological sciences (seismology, fault mechanics)

Cathy Wong

Cathy Wong, assistant professor, chemistry and biochemistry (adapting time-resolved exciton spectroscopies to the measurement of nanoscale building blocks during their self-assembly into mesoscale architectures)

Xiaodi Wu

Xiaodi Wu, assistant professor, computer and information science (quantum information and computation, quantum cryptography, quantum simulation, mathematical optimization, communication complexity)

New faculty in the social sciences:

David Evans

David Evans, assistant professor, economics (macroeconomics, optimal taxation, computational economics)

Ana-Maurine Lara

Ana-Maurine Lara, assistant professor, anthropology (black feminist studies, LGBT-queer studies, Caribbean studies, indigenous methodologies, Catholic church)

Keaton Miller

Keaton Miller, assistant professor, economics (industrial organization, applied microeconomics, applied econometrics, health economics)

Hedda Schmidtke

Hedda Schmidtke, assistant professor, geography (geographic information science, scale and granularity)

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