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Are you one of the 100,000 alumni of the College of Arts and Sciences? We are constantly delighted to learn of the paths CAS alumni have pursued, shaped and even invented — paths that started with their elemental courses in sciences, humanities and social sciences, and ended up in amazing, unexpected places we could never have predicted. Read about some of our CAS alumni in the stories below.

Alumna Recognized for Her Work in Language Preservation

Virginia Beavert has been honored for her efforts to preserve and breathe new life into the Native languages of the Northwest.

What Can You Do With A Degree in Political Science?

If you’re Renee James, you launch a new semiconductor company. Read the Fortune magazine story. 

Marine Bio Alumna Wins Marshall

Sandra Dorning, ’17, one of only 43 Marshall Scholars selected nationwide, will study international marine policy in the UK.

A Conversation on the Constitution

The New Yorker profiles UO alumna Heidi Schreck and her new play on the Constitution.

Modern-Day Storyteller

Alyssa Rasmus (Cinema Studies, ’14) is doing video work for Amazon while running her own multimedia company.

Build a Better World

Philosophy alum Nathan Pai Schmitt teaches engineering to high schoolers as part of his plan to shake up education.

Running Down a Dream

Jenna Prandini, a general social sciences alumna, earns a spot on the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team.
Steve Perry

Science & Swing

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies singer Steve Perry discusses his rise to fame and his biology degree from the UO.

Stand-Out Alums Honored At Homecoming

This year’s recipients of the annual UOAA Outstanding Young Alumni Award both received their degrees from CAS.
Lawrence Levine

In Memoriam: Lawrence Levine

The UO remembers a victim of the Oct. 1 shooting at Umpqua Community College, who earned two English degrees here.

UO’s 2015 Fulbright Winners All From CAS

Kudos to recent grads Shireen Farahani (Linguistics) and Sarah Martin (German), and PhD student Jerilynn “M” Jackson (Geography).

Sam Adams to Lead US Climate Initiative

Poli Sci alum (’02) and former Portland mayor focuses on addressing climate change.
Red Edge staff

Alum Duo Gives GOP The “Edge”

Political science alums Bret Jacobson, ’03, and Ian Spencer, ’07, are on the leading edge of digital advocacy for conservative political causes.
Picture of tree

Taking Root

Political science alum Darin Stringer is helping bring forests back to the rocky soils of Lebanon as a forestry expert.
Scientist tests marijuana

High Standards

Chemistry alum Rodger Voelker, PhD ’96, hopes to improve safety for medical marijuana users.
Susan Ross

Majoring in Movement

When Susan Ross, an alumna in exercise and movement science, arrived in Track Town, USA, for her undergraduate experience, she took to running as most ...
AK Ikwuakor, with children

Giving Them a Sporting Chance

Track start AK Ikwuakor ’07 (sociology) teaches life skills—and football skills—to at-risk children in the Philippines.
Don Corson

From Geography to the Wineries

Don Corson attended the UO in the late 1970s to work on his PhD in urban geography. He’s spent more than 30 years turning his winemaking hobby ...
Robert Wah

Presiding Over the AMA

Robert Wah, ’79 (chemistry), has been selected as president-elect of the American Medical Association.
Hikers along a hillside and river

Take a Hike

William Sullivan, MA ’79 (German), is a hugely popular hiking author. But there were plenty of switchbacks on his path to success.
the Duck

25 Ducks: Leading the Way

They are activists and economists, teachers, volunteers, athletes, musicians and peacemakers. In short, they plan to do nothing less than change the ...

CIS Alumnus Named Skype VP

Gurdeep Singh Pall takes the reins of Microsoft’s Skype division

Strandquist Recognized for Service

Jill Strandquist, a 1989 graduate of CAS (English), has been honored by the UO Alumni Association as the recipient of the Jeanne Johnson Alumni ...

“Reader’s Choice” Latest in a Long List of Accolades

Following success on the New York Times bestseller list, alumna takes home an Oregon Book Award.

A Degree in Changing the World

When Diego Hernandez was a kid, he dreamed of becoming a prosecutor – a good way to work for social justice, he figured. The career path for ...
Kyle Steinbach

Hollywood Comer Moves From “The Office” to “Bad Exorcists”

Making a movie typically takes time, money, and a small army of professionals who can keep a complicated production running smoothly. Footage that ...
Katie Dwyer

Building Inside-Out

Katie Dwyer ’10, MA ’12 (pictured), was just a freshman when she walked into Oregon State Penitentiary for the first time, her stomach ...

Creative Writing Alumni Win National Poetry Competition

Two alumni of the UO’s acclaimed master’s program in creative writing were selected as winners of the National Poetry Foundation’s 2013 ...

“It’s Always Sunny” Star Returns to Her Alma Mater

While their luggage never left LAX, Kaitlin Olson ’97 and Rob McElhenney of the hit show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” recently ...
Kristen Parr

Q&A with Kristen Parr, ’99, UOAA Board Member

Kristen started out majoring in French, but switched to Japanese. Her love of languages is further demonstrated by her career as a language instructor ...

Logevall Wins Pulitzer for History

Fredrik Logevall spent 11 years working on Embers of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America’s Vietnam. Fittingly, the Pulitzer Prize ...

Facebook Exec Gives a DUKTalk

Tucker Bounds, one of six speakers featured at the recent DUKTalks event, shared his experience in both presidential politics and high-tech. DUKTalks, ...
Renée James

Political Science Alumna Elected President of Intel

Intel Corporation announced recently that the board of directors elected UO alum Renée James as its new president.