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Divisional Dean, Natural Sciences

Sadofsky.Hal.2Hal Sadofsky was appointed Dean for the Natural Sciences in fall of 2014. Immediately before that he spent six years as Mathematics Department Head, and served the Mathematics Department as Director of Undergraduate Studies for about six years before that.

His research is in algebraic topology and related homological algebra with a focus on chromatic homotopy theory. From a lay point of view, this work contributes to efforts to find algebraic tools which distinguish between “shapes” that cannot be directly visualized—most typically because these “shapes” require more than three dimensions to describe them. This research has been supported by the National Science Foundation.

He has advised six Ph.D.s at University of Oregon with several more in progress. He has also supervised several undergraduate honors theses.  He has taught a wide variety of courses from elementary calculus and statistics through advanced graduate courses in algebraic topology and related areas. His pedagogical innovations at University of Oregon include development of the “honors” calculus course, and implementation of the online homework system, WeBWorK.

In the past, Dr. Sadofsky served on committees for the Oregon Department of Education, worked with regional higher educational institutions on coordination of freshman-level mathematics courses, and served for an extended time on the Board of Directors of a local charter school. He is currently on the American Mathematical Society’s Committee on the Profession.

Dr. Sadofsky received a B.A. in Mathematics and Music from the University of Rochester, Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude. He held a Churchill Scholarship under which he received an M.A from Cambridge University. His Ph.D. is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.