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Best Overall

Congrats Stencil Contest Winners!

The results of the CAS Stencil Photo Contest are in! We were excited to see the creativity and enthusiasm shown by students from many different majors.

Stephanie Swartz claimed the BEST OVERALL category for a beautiful composition (above) and a caption that exactly captures what the College of Arts and Sciences is all about: “‘…Study the science of art. Study the art of science…Realize that everything connects to everything else.’ – Leonardo da Vinci. This is my element, this is where I belong. #CAS #myelement #UO #neverstoplearning”

She won the grand prize, an Amazon Fire TV.

Best SelfieElizabeth Anajovich won BEST SELFIE (right) for a creative photo that also wonderfully embraced what it means to be undeclared: “I’m undeclared, and I don’t care, because I know with @uocas I will find a passion. This is #myelement.”

Sarah Weiss won BEST CAPTION, writing “It feels good to be lost in the right direction.” Hopefully, that’s inspiration for students who feel the same!

Our other winners:

Jannik Ehret (below left) was a winner for the MOST CREATIVE category, playfully capturing the “C” in CINE with his hand to make this a one-of-a-kind photo.

Alyssa Bjorkquist also won in the MOST CREATIVE category, with her elaborately decorated entry on BIO.

Kyleah Murphy (below left) rounded out our MOST CREATIVE winners, with a PHYS entry that incorporated multiple perspectives.

Last but not least, Kahnita Wilkerson was a cinch for the BEST SHOES winner, with “deadly loafers” that hopefully are as comfortable as they are eye-catching!

Thanks to all the students who submitted photos. See all the entries here.

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