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CAS Curriculum Development

This page is designed to assist CAS faculty in curriculum development by providing essential information on the curriculum process.  You may also wish to visit the FAQ.

If a CAS department wishes to make changes to its curriculum, the department should complete its internal review and decision making process no less than one year in advance of the term in which the changes should take effect.  This allows the CAS and UO curriculum committees time to review the changes and the departmental scheduler time to get the changes onto the relevant term schedule.

In order to successfully modify or create a course within CAS, please follow the steps below.

  1. If the faculty member responsible for the proposal does not already have CourseLeaf access, the departmental curriculum authority uses this form to request that access be granted for the faculty member.
  2. The department prepares its review of requested changes according to departmental procedures for curriculum changes.  A complete syllabus must be developed/updated during this time for all new/updated courses and must contain the sections listed on the syllabus checklist.  At the end of this stage, the department is in agreement on all proposed changes.
  3. The faculty member responsible for the proposal enters the information on CourseLeaf (click to enter site), following the guidelines on the CIM form checklist.  Deadlines for submission are as follows:
    • For CAS consideration during Fall term – September 1st
    • For CAS consideration during Winter term – December 1st
    • For CAS consideration during Spring term – March 1st
  4. The CAS Curriculum Coordinator, Elizabeth Milner, reviews the submission for the department.  Completion of the checklists in steps two and three are verified. Using an assessment rubric, Elizabeth either confirms that all required information has been included or returns the proposal to the department for additional work.  A submission without a complete syllabus attached will be automatically returned.
  5. The CAS Curriculum Committee reviews the verified submission from an academic perspective.  The Committee may choose to approve the submission and send it to the UOCC, or they may return the proposal to the department for additional work.
  6. Once approved by CAS the submission goes to the UO Committee on Courses (UOCC) which reviews submissions once per term. The UOCC will either approve the submission, return it to the department for further work, or in rare cases deny the submission.

Courses included on the UOCC’s quarterly Curriculum Reports usually take effect the fall following Senate approval.  Ideally the entire process is complete at least six months before the desired term of activation, since the course scheduling process begins six months in advance of their starting term.  Changes that are extremely straightforward may get through the process more quickly, but departments submitting proposals at a late date run the risk of it not being successfully assessed in time for the desired term of activation.  The default term of activation is fall term unless otherwise specified by the department.

If you have additional questions about CAS Curricular issues, please check the CAS Curriculum FAQ.  If you cannot find an answer there contact the CAS Curriculum Coordinator, Elizabeth Milner.

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