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A Message from W. Andrew Marcus, Dean

W. Andrew Marcus, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences. We are the “heart and soul” of the University of Oregon because we are home to the core academic programs that support the entire university.

We provide a liberal arts foundation to the vast majority of UO’s undergraduates, and for those who wish to pursue a degree in a liberal arts or science discipline, we offer 46 degree programs in the HumanitiesSocial Sciences and Natural Sciences.

The College of Arts and Sciences is also the intellectual hub of the UO, granting nearly 75% of the UO’s doctoral degrees. Among our faculty, we boast some of the most accomplished and best-known researchers in the world.

Working with our faculty provides outstanding opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students alike: Not only do our professors create knowledge through original path-breaking research, but they are fantastic teachers who love to ignite curiosity and actively mentor the next generation of involved citizens and questioning scholars.

Arts and science education is important because it embraces both theoretical and applied ways of understanding the past, the present and the future. Above all, the core arts and sciences approach to higher education teaches students to examine and challenge taken-for-granted notions about the world.

By fostering rigorous investigation and habits of mind associated with thousands of years of scholarship, a liberal arts education gives students the tools to ask the hardest questions. By challenging the frontiers of knowledge, a liberal arts and sciences education prepares students to assume jobs that do not yet exist. By encouraging active questioning as well as mastery of existing bodies of knowledge, a liberal arts education prepares students to assume life’s challenges, thus enabling UO students to make the world a better place.

I invite you to learn more about our wonderful college by exploring the website. And I hope that you discover something here that will motivate you to come visit our beautiful campus and join our learning community.

W. Andrew Marcus, Tykeson Dean of Arts and Sciences

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