Profile picture of Melissa Baese-Berk

Melissa Baese-Berk

David M. and Nancy L. Petrone Faculty Scholar; Professor
Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics
Phone: 541-346-3899
Office: 279 Straub Hall
Office Hours: By appointment only


Melissa Baese-Berk is an Associate Professor and the David M. and Nancy L. Petrone Faculty Scholar at the University of Oregon. She is also the Director of the Speech Perception and Production Lab.

In her research, Melissa focuses on speech perception and production, with special attention to non-native speakers and listeners. Her work has specifically addressed sources of variation in production, how that variation influences listeners in perception, and how perception and production systems interact. Her work is currently funded by the US National Science Foundation, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and by an Incubating Interdisciplinary Initiatives Award from the University of Oregon.

Melissa also enjoys teaching an array of courses. In 2018, she was awarded both the A. J. Ersted Faculty Achievement Award for Distinguished Teaching the Tykeson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching from the College of Arts and Sciences. She is devoted to mentoring undergraduate and graduate students. In 2020, she was awarded the Faculty Research Mentor Award by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Education. She was jointly awarded the Linguistic Society of America Linguistics Service Award for her work with the Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics and the Pop-Up Mentoring Program.