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Natural Sciences

Our science departments are committed to creating and disseminating new knowledge in their fields by combining research and teaching, a principle devised by Wilhelm von Humboldt in the early 1800s, and followed by research universities today throughout the world.

Our 200 faculty members — including fellows of many learned societies and academies — are engaged in research that spans a broad range from the basic to the applied, from questions about the foundations of quantum mechanics, to the development of cancer cells and the workings of the brain, to work that results in the spin-off of high-technology companies. They share their excitement about their research with their students, training them to become part of the next generation of scientists who will push the frontiers of human knowledge.

“Creativity Counts: Possibilities Shaped by Constraints of Arithmetic” is an art exhibit by ...
Creativity Counts: An exhibit inspired by mathematical processes
Multiple CAS faculty have been awarded this year’s fund!
Fund for Faculty Excellence
The question of how reproductive cells like sperm and eggs maintain their DNA integrity during ...
A UO researcher and her students are studying how DNA damage is repaired in developing sperm and egg cells. Above, a DNA strand
Fourteen UO undergraduate students have been awarded fellowships that provide an opportunity to ...
Undergraduate students begin summer research fellowships