English courses provide a broad knowledge of liberal arts education, helping you think and write critically. We feature an average class size of 23 students in undergraduate classes. Our faculty focus on essential skills for college success, ethical living, and career readiness. 

The University of Oregon course catalog offers degree plans and a complete list of undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department of English.

Course Highlights

These three courses span lower and upper division coursework.

 Technologies and Texts Capstone

ENG 470
Technologies and Texts Capstone
Instructor: Heidi Kaufman

Technologies and Texts Capstone is a course designed to address the digital turn in public contemporary culture, academic culture, and the humanities. This turn has profound implications for the way we interact with and understand the role of the humanities in the public sphere and the transmission of the written word into digital forms.


Intro to Comic Studies

ENG 280
Intro to Comic Studies
Instructor: Ben Saunders or additional faculty

This class provides an introduction to the history and art of comics and to the methodologies of the academic discipline of Comics Studies. Students will be exposed to a range of different comic-art forms (including newspaper strips, collections of serialized comic books, and free-standing graphic novels), as well as examples of contemporary comics scholarship.


ENG 395
20th Century Literature
Instructor: Corbett Upton

Modern literature from American, British, and European cultures, 1945 to present. Significant works of poetry, fiction, drama, and nonfiction in relation to intellectual and historical developments.



Upcoming Courses

The table below lists the courses that the Department of English anticipates offering for Spring Term 2022 for the English major. The table is updated as curriculum decisions are made, so check back when considering future registration choices.

Course Number Course Name Term Offered
100-level General Education
ENG 104 Introduction to Literature: Fiction Spring 2022
ENG 104 Introduction to Literature: Fiction Spring 2022
ENG 106 Introduction to Literature: Poetry Spring 2022
200-level Required of Major
ENG 205 Genre Topic: Life Writing Spring 2022
ENG 205 Genre Topic: Plague Literature Spring 2022
ENG 205 Genre Topic: Gothic Fiction Spring 2022
ENG 207 Shakespeare Spring 2022
ENG 230 Intro Environment Lit Spring 2022
ENG 243 Introduction to Chicano and Latino Literature Spring 2022
FLR 250 Introduction to Folklore Spring 2022
ENG 260M Media Aesthetics Spring 2022
ENG 260M Media Aesthetics Spring 2022
ENG 280 Introduction to Comic Studies Spring 2022
300-level Required of Major
ENG 315 Women Writers' Cultures Topic: Modernist Women Spring 2022
ENG 316 Women Writers' Forms Topic: Graphic Memoirs Spring 2022
WR 320 Scientific and Technical Writing Spring 2022
WR 321 Business Communications Spring 2022
ENG 321 English Novel Spring 2022
ENG 322 English Novel Spring 2022
ENG 325 Literature of the Northwest Spring 2022
ENG 330 Oral Controversy and Advocacy Spring 2022
ENG 335 Inventing Arguments Spring 2022
ENG 340 Jewish Writers Spring 2022
ENG 352 Shakespeare on Page and Stage Spring 2022
ENG 365 Global Literature in English Spring 2022
ENG 385 Graphic Narratives and Cultural Theory Spring 2022
ENG 386 Bodies in Comics Spring 2022
ENG 391 American Novel Spring 2022
ENG 394 20th-Century Literature Spring 2022
ENG 395 20th-Century Literature (Cancelled) Spring 2022
ENG 407 Seminar: 21st Century Poets Spring 2022
ENG 410 Experimental Course: Comics Journalism Spring 2022
ENG 413 Theories of Literacy Spring 2022
WR 423 Advanced Composition Spring 2022
ENG 425 Medieval Romance Spring 2022
ENG 430 Old English III: Beowulf Spring 2022
ENG 468 Ethnic Literature Topic: Black Rebellions Spring 2022
ENG 470 Technologies and Texts Capstone Spring 2022
ENG 485 Television Studies Spring 2022
ENG 491 Rhetoric and Ethics Spring 2022
ENVS 410 Topic: Cascade Ice & Fire Spring 2022
FLR 410 Oral Traditions in Ancient and Modern Culture Spring 2022
FLR 410 Celtic Myths & Legends Spring 2022
FLR 411 Folklore & Religion Spring 2022