Publications and Creative Work

From visual art and research to poetry and prose, student work of all kinds is published and showcased in presentations and articles across our campus and beyond. Explore a few ways to make your work visible below.   

unbound journal group

Unbound Journal

Unbound Journal is a student-run literary arts journal at the University of Oregon that publishes undergraduate and graduate prose, poetry, and visual art. Unbound’s editorial mission is to “cultivate a vibrant literary arts community on campus.” Unbound’s contributors come from all majors and colleges within the university, not just those studying the humanities. In this way, the journal creates a vital community across campus, hosting issue release parties, organizing readings of published works, and providing networking opportunities for its editorial staff and contributors. 

Because Unbound is a small-scale print journal, the organization allows staff to intimately observe the magazine publishing pipeline from submission to print. Working with Unbound provides both a creative sense of accomplish and real-world experience for those interested in the publishing industry—whether those interests are organizing finances, creating and implementing publishing schedules, content, developmental, and copy editing, and finally bringing a magazine to print

Unbound Journal

art ducko magazines

Art Ducko

The University of Oregon's official comics magazine. Art Ducko was established in Fall 2014 with the simple goal of providing a creative platform for students to publish their original comics. We strive to create opportunities for students to develop their artistic and creative writing skills, as well as a chance to gain experience working within a creative team. 

Art Ducko

Fiction Writing Club 

The Fiction Writing Club is a group dedicated to inspiring and assisting creative writers at UO – no experience necessary beyond having a desire to write! Come workshop your work, practice with creative prompts, and advance your writing in a supportive space. 

For more info, contact Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies Corbett Upton,