Connect with an English Alumni Mentor

UO English maintains a database of interested alumni who received a degree in English from the University of Oregon. These alumni have volunteered their time, experience, and expertise to answer your questions about the English major experience, post grad exploration, job-hunting, transitioning to the work world, finding and pursuing a career path, and their current jobs.

You can search the database by year of graduation, geographic region, or career/trade field.



Be courteous and professional when contacting and communicating with UO English Alumni Mentors. Maintaining standards of etiquette is essential to fostering a successful experience and shows respect for these busy professionals who have volunteered their time to answer your questions:

  • Don’t ask alumni mentors for a job! They are here to provide you with information about their experiences as English majors and their professional or trade fields.
  • Don’t simply run through your list of questions. 
  • Do engage mentors in a conversation about their time at UO to help you think about ways to get more out of the major and the college experience.
  • Use proper email etiquette:
    • Use “UO English Alumni Mentors” as a subject line
    • Include an appropriate salutation such as “Dear Ms. Jones”
    • Use a polite, conversational tone
    • End with a complimentary close like “Thank you for your time,” “Best wishes,” or “Sincerely”
    • Proofread your message before you hit “send”
  • Some mentors prefer that you to contact them by telephone. If so, be sure to ask if they are available to speak or if they would rather schedule a later time. If you leave a message, be sure to identify yourself and the program and facilitate a reply by leaving your contact information.