Funding and Research Support

Our graduate students have access to a wide range of research equipment and facilities from across campus, through their advisors and focal departments. In addition to these general resources, we offer our graduate students certain privileged opportunities for funding and research support. 

Graduate Employment (GE) 

All Environmental Studies graduate students receive funding for their master's or ESSP doctoral programs. The program offers graduate employee (GE) appointments for all admitted graduate students. These GE appointments take the form of teaching assistants, research assistants, or administrative positions. The positions cover tuition, pay a stipend at the GTFF union-negotiated rate, and provide health insurance and other benefits. Typically, ESSP students are given 4-5 years of GE support, while master's students usually receive two years of GE appointments.  

Soderwall Research Grants 

Generous support from the Arnold Soderwall Environmental Studies Endowment Fund allows the Environmental Studies Program to provide each graduate student up to $750 or $1,000 per year (depending on graduate program) per year for research expenditures, such as conference travel, research equipment and supplies, travel for research, or other research-related expenses. Apply for Soderwall Research Support.

Interdisciplinary Environmental Seed Grants 

The Environmental Studies department occasionally offers $5,000 seed grants to encourage new and emergent interdisciplinary research collaborations with graduate students in the Environmental Studies program. These seed grants are designed to encourage and support the development of new and/or early-stage interdisciplinary research collaborations within the Environmental Studies Program. Projects usually have (1) an applied component (broadly construed) and/or (2) a commitment to building connections across the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and/or professional schools. All proposals must have at least one ENVS/ESSP graduate student and can even include multidisciplinary teams of graduate students. 

Summer Research Fellowships 

The Environmental Studies department awards $2,000 Environmental Studies Summer Research Fellowships for several graduate students every summer. These fellowships are for master's students and Ph.D. students to use for direct research costs such as travel or fieldwork, or to compensate for time devoted to data analysis, research, or writing.  Instructions to apply for the 2022 ENVS Summer Research Fellowship.

To learn more about these opportunities, contact Nathan Adams, Graduate Coordinator,