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Endowed Positions

This list of endowed positions is alphabetized by a key word in the endowment title, often a donor’s last name, followed by the name and department of the person who currently holds that position.

Beekman Professorship of Northwest and Pacific History
Jeffrey Ostler, History

Bradshaw and Holzapfel Research Professorship in Transformational Science and Mathematics
Darren Johnson, Chemistry and BioChemistry

Julie and Rocky Dixon Chair in U.S. Western History
Marsha Weisiger, History

Giustina Family Professorship in Italian Language and Literature
Regina Psaki, Romance Languages

John Hamacher Chair
George Evans, Economics

Hatzantonis Distinguished Professorship
Massimo Lollini, Romance Languages

Rosaria P. Haugland Foundation Chair in Pure and Applied Chemistry
David Johnson, Chemistry and BioChemistry

Robert D. Horn and Eve D. Horn Endowed Chair in English and American Literature
Mark Whalan, English

Charles J. and M. Monteith Jacobs Endowed Professorship in Chemistry
David Tyler, Chemistry and BioChemistry

Alec and Kay Keith Chair
Hailin Wang, Physics

Alec and Kay Keith Professorship
Brendan Bohannan, Biology

Alec and Kay Keith Professorship
Raghuveer Parthasarathy, Physics

Philip H. Knight Chair
Lynn Stephen, Anthropology

Philip H. Knight Chair
Karen Guillemin, Biology

Philip H. Knight Chair
Patrick Phillips, Biology

Philip H. Knight Chair
Daniel Tichenor, Political Science

Philip H. Knight Chair
Philip Fisher, Psychology

Philip H. Knight Distinguished Research Chair
David Wineland, Physics

Philip H. Knight Professorship
Bruce Blonigen, Economics

Philip H. Knight Professorship
James Mohr, History

Philip H. Knight Professorship
Mark Johnson, Philosophy

Philip H. Knight Professorship
James Brau, Physics

Philip H. Knight Professorship
Michael Raymer, Physics

Lokey-Harrington Chair in the Department of Chemistry
James Hutchison, Chemistry and BioChemistry

Raymond F. Mikesell Professorship in Environmental Resource Economics
Trudy Cameron, Economics

Noble F. Miller and Frances L. Miller Professorship in Astrophysics
James Schombert, Physics

E. Miner Chair of Economics
Benjamin Hansen, Economics

Barbara and Carlisle Moore Distinguished Professorship in English
Stephanie LeMenager, English

Richard M. and Patricia H. Noyes Professorship in Chemistry
Michael Haley, Chemistry and BioChemistry

James F. and Shirley K. Rippey Chair in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Alexander Murphy, Geography

Kenneth and Kenda Singer Endowed Professorship in Human Physiology
Christopher Minson, Human Physiology

Ann Swindells Chair in History
Ryan Jones, History

Ann Swindells Professorship in Clinical Psychology
Nicholas Allen, Psychology

Donald and Willie Tykeson Dean of Arts and Sciences
Bruce Blonigen, College of Arts and Sciences