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Amelia Fitch

A Full Ride … and Beyond

Biology student heads off to Cambridge after winning one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world.

Occupation Aftermath

Geography professor Peter Walker says you can still see effects in the community from the takeover of the Malheur refuge.

Back to the Bard

English professor Lara Bovilsky‘s new digital tool transports students to Shakespeare’s time.

A Musical and a Masterpiece

Sit in on an Irish Yuletide party as University Theatre opens its season with a presentation of “James Joyce’s The Dead.”

Getting Philosophical

Philosophy students are teaching elementary schoolers how to disagree–and still stay civil.

A Lofty Honor

An international studies student is the first to earn the esteemed Presidential Management Fellowship in over a decade.

Well-Prepared to Lead

As newly appointed CAS dean, W. Andrew Marcus has a compelling claim-to-fame you won’t find on his CV. 
Manju Bangalore

This IS Rocket Science

Sophomore Manju Bangalore’s research on in-space propulsion earns stellar national recognition.

An Explosive Gift

Thanks to longtime donors, the UO is poised to become a global center of volcanic research.

New Oceanfront Classroom

The Charleston Marine Life Center, featuring aquaria, a tidepool touch tank and more, was nine years in the making.

Back to the Future

Conservation hinges on a record of human-driven environmental change older than thought, research by UO shows.

Support to the Sciences

A $7 million gift from Cheryl and Allyn Ford kick-starts renovations at Pacific Hall — and bolsters research.

Build a Better World

Philosophy alum Nathan Pai Schmitt teaches engineering to high schoolers as part of his plan to shake up education.
Martha Bayless

Bread Winner

English professor Martha Bayless earns a prestigious fellowship for research on bread.

Big Boost to Human Physiology

Human physiology will add an advanced biomedical lab thanks to a gift from Dr. Kenneth and Kenda Singer.

Call This Game Changer “Diane”

A doctoral student in chemistry built a molecule with the properties scientists have sought for a century.

Running Down a Dream

Jenna Prandini, a general social sciences alumna, earns a spot on the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team.

Cutting Edge Comics

Ben Saunders organizes an exhibit about the irreverent comic book company EC Comics.

An Accidental Discovery

Geologists inadvertently find that Californias drought has also slowed landslides around the state.

Getting the Dirt on Garbage

It’s been a challenge since the dawn of civilization: How do we get rid of our garbage?

Imagination Exploration

Psychology professor Marjorie Taylor‘s study on children with imaginary friends gets attention from NPR.

Worth The Wait

After a weather-related delay, chemistry professor Geri Richmond receives the Medal of Science.

“An Optimistic Eye on the Future”

W. Andrew Marcus has been named permanent Tykeson Dean of Arts and Sciences.

Small Matters, National Stage

Biologist Jessica Green was recently on an elite panel discussing research on complex systems of microorganisms.

Quantum Conundrum

UO scientists ask the question, “is life a classical physics process or a quantum physics process?”
Phil Fisher and two Muppets

Lending a Fuzzy Hand

Two Muppets upstaged one of the world’s leading neuroscientists at a recent conference, but it was all in good fun.

From Refugee to Geneticist

George Streisinger’s love for science led him to be the first person to clone a vertebrate.

Easy Decision

Psychologist Paul Slovic, an expert on risk and decision-making, has been elected into the National Academy of Sciences.

The Dirt on Wine

Geologist Greg Retallack explores the connection between wine and soil.
Women in CS Club

Blazing Trails from UO to Harvard

Computer science major Zoe Olson helps pave the way for women in STEM fields.
Eric Corwin

Cracking Glass Mysteries

Eric Corwin of physics joins an international team that will study how temperature changes the unusual material.

Jailed in Wartime

Spanish professor Gina Herrmann collects the stories of women activists imprisoned during the Spanish Civil War.

From Zebrafish to Genomics Research

Alumnus Tim Boyle’s $10 million gift creates new opportunities for life sciences research in Oregon.
Peter Walker at Malheur National Wildlife refuge

Understanding the Occupiers

UO geography professor Peter Walker (left) spent several weeks at armed occupation in eastern Oregon (photo: Jason Patrick).
Aisha Almana

A Bridge to the Middle East

Sociology alumna’s gift creates scholarship, study abroad opportunities in global health.
Steve Perry

Science & Swing

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies singer Steve Perry discusses his rise to fame and his biology degree from the UO.

From Moscow to Eugene, Then On to Beijing

UO costumes selected for an international exhibit will come home for “First Folio” gala.
In Helicopter in Antarctica

Alum Travels to the Ends of the Earth

Alum Elin McIIhattan shares stories about her fieldwork with the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center.
Geospatical Lab

Map Quest

UO geographers are at the forefront of a booming new tech sector: geospatial technologies.

Remembering Susan Hardwick, Educator, Mentor and Scholar

Beloved geography professor Susan Hardwick died on Nov. 11 at age 70, after a brief illness.
HavazeletEhud - black border

Ehud Havazelet, 1955-2015, “Fiery, Brilliant, Unstinting”

The UO mourns the loss of creative writing professor Ehud Havazelet, who died Nov. 5 at age 60.

Stand-Out Alums Honored At Homecoming

This year’s recipients of the annual UOAA Outstanding Young Alumni Award both received their degrees from CAS.
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