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Publications produced by the College of Arts and Sciences:

CL Journal

Founded at the University of Oregon in 1949, Comparative Literature explores issues in literary history and theory. The quarterly publication represents a wide-ranging look at the intersections of national literatures, global literary trends, and cultural theory. Drawing on a variety of critical approaches, the journal prides itself on publishing the work of talented young scholars breaking new ground in the field.

Critical Sociology

Critical Sociology is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes the highest quality original research. For over three decades Critical Sociology has been a leading voice of sociological analysis from a political economy perspective. This journal is a must for sociologists and anyone else seeking to understand the most pressing issues of the day as they are informed by race, class and gender.

Environmental Philosophy

Environmental Philosophy is the official journal of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy (IAEP), founded in 1997 to provide a forum for wide-ranging philosophical discussion of nature and the human relation to the natural environment. The journal publishes articles in all areas of environmental theory, including ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, theology, politics, ecofeminism, environmental justice, philosophy of technology, and eco-phenomenology.

Humanist Studies & the Digital Age

This peer-reviewed e-journal is devoted to the reformulation of received philological and philosophical ideas of writing and reading literary works, motivated by the advent of electronic texts. The journal encourages new theoretical engagements based on comparative media studies, translations and interdisciplinary approaches to a new humanist philology, and a new humanist philosophy, made possible by digital technology. While the Editorial Board considers studies on Petrarch and the humanist age in all its manifestations and the Oregon Petrarch Open Book the seminal topics of discussion of HUMANIST STUDIES & THE DIGITAL AGE, we also encourage submissions that investigate more generally the interface of philological, interpretative, and digital inquiry.


Our interests include the theoretical and historical, practical and speculative, aesthetic, political, and methodological borders, among others. “Konturen” is a German word that derives from the French tour, tourner, terms that bespeak a turning, such as the turning of a French word into a German one (or the reverse). We publish innovative work that takes into account the contributions of recent philosophy and theory to an understanding of problematic discursive places of meeting, overlap, or disjunction. Konturen currently publishes one Special Issue annually, constituted through invited submissions and calls for papers.


Periphērica focuses on the liminal spaces of cultural production. We seek to publish articles in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, that deal with the intersection of society, culture, and literature in Latino-América, the Iberian peninsula, and Lusophone and Hispanophone areas of Africa and Asia.

Puncta: Journal Of Critical Phenomenology

Puncta is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal of philosophy. The critical turn in phenomenology suggests that phenomenology is not merely a descriptive method or practice, but a mode of critique understood as an ongoing process of revealing and interrogating the concrete conditions, institutions, and assumptions that structure lived experience. We invite submissions that engage the critical turn of phenomenology in any dimension: through analyses of social and political phenomena, reflections on the limits and challenges of phenomenological inquiry, or by attending to the history of philosophy, either through its silences or its canonical figures.

Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities

Resilience is a digital, peer-reviewed journal of the Environmental Humanities. It provides a forum for scholars from across humanities disciplines to speak to one another about their shared interest in environmental issues, and to plot out an evolving conversation about what the humanities contributes to living and thinking sustainably in a world of dwindling resources.



Student Publications


Art Ducko

Art Ducko is the University of Oregon’s official comics magazine. Art Ducko was established in the Fall of 2014 with the simple goal of providing a creative platform for students to publish their original comics. Here at Art Ducko, we strive to create opportunities for students to develop their artistic and creative writing skills, as well as a chance to gain experience working within a creative team.


Ethos is a nationally recognized, award-winning independent student publication. Our mission is to elevate the voices of marginalized people who are underrepresented in the media landscape, and to write in-depth, human-focused stories about the issues affecting them. We also strive to support our diverse student staff and to help them find future success.

Ethos produces a quarterly free print magazine full of well-reported and powerful feature stories, innovative photography, creative illustrations and eye-catching design. On our website, we also produce compelling written and multimedia stories.


Nomad is a…mentorship programjournal of undergraduate writing, speaker seriesconferenceprize, and more…

The year-long Nomad Mentorship Program offers undergraduates from all majors the opportunity to develop their skills of research, writing, and conference presentation as they work toward publication of an article in the journal of the same name.

Oregon Voice Magazine

University of Oregon’s arts and culture magazine since 1989. We represent the student voice in all its glorious whimsy.

Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal (OURJ)

The Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal (OURJ) is an open access, undergraduate research journal at the University of Oregon. It showcases some of the best research and publications by UO undergraduate students across all disciplines. OURJ is edited and produced by an undergraduate student editorial board, comprised of individuals with rich writing, editing, and research experience and who are passionate about the publication of undergraduate work.

The Siren

The Siren is a student-run feminist magazine at the University of Oregon Women’s Center. We focus on topics of radical and intersectional feminism.

Unbound Magazine

Unbound is a student run online literary arts magazine at the University of Oregon that publishes creative student work in the areas of art, fiction, and poetry. Unbound was founded in 2008 as a Clark Honors College thesis project and evolved into an online student publication after its founding members’ experiences with University of Oregon’s Literary Editing course and the University’s long-running literary journal The Northwest Review. Since its debut publication in Spring 2008, Unbound has been publishing one online issue per Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Unbound’s mission is to offer all University students a platform for their creative work and a community that allows students to share, grow, and intellectually engage in the fields of art, literature, editing, and publishing.