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What Else Can You Do With A Degree In Languages?


What’s your career potential if you have language skills on your résumé?

Language study opens up a wide range of career opportunities—from high-tech to foreign service, healthcare, social justice, and beyond. Here’s a sampling of job titles of recent alumni from UO language programs: 


Account Executive, Print Ads, Google New York

Vice President, Original Production, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Writer and Translator, Sopra Group

Program Officer, US Department of State

Producer/Director, Supernova Productions

Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Anesthesiologist, Missoula Anesthesiology

International Projects Director, American Bar Association

Pro Soccer Coordinator, Adidas-Salomon North America, Inc.

Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Director of Latin America, WACOM Technology Corp

Wine Broker/Key Italian Account Specialist, Alluvial Wines

Visitor Assistant, The Museum of Modern Art

Teacher JET Program, Nagato City Board of Education

Program Director, Stove Team International

Global Survey Process Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company

Material Aid Officer, MercyCorps

Programming and Training Specialist, Peace Corps Headquarters

Reporter, New York Times, Moscow

ESL Instructor, New American Welcome Center YMCA

PR and Communications Manager, InterContinental Hong Kong

Bilingual Teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools

Soccer Sports Marketing, Nike

Partner, Kuck Immigration Partners, LLC

Latino Liaison, Springfield Public Library

Case Manager, Amigos de Los Sobrevivientes

ESL Teacher, Moiser Community School

Talent Acquisition Professional, Nike

Senior Investigator, USIS

Bilingual Mental Health Counselor, Oregon Health and Science University

Technical Services Director, Pacific Region, TREK Japan

Immigration Attorney, Catholic Charities, Inc.

Copy Editor, Nikkei Business Publications

Director, UBS Global Asset Management

Curator, Baranov Museum

Director, Marketplace Operations, Nike

Social Media Specialist,

Global Benefits Manager, Solar Winds

Family Medicine Physician, Alexander Valley Health Care

Data Center Site Selection, Facebook

Foreign Service Officer, US Department of State

IT Financial Manager, Nordea Bank Danmark

Bilingual Translator, Transcorp

Project Manager, Bertelsmann Stiftung

International Consultant for Gender and HIV, U.N. Development Fund for Women

Bilingual Investigator, SAIF Corporation Headquarters

International Business Development Director, Reality Squared Games, Shanghai, China

Bilingual Claims Representative, Social Security Administration

Senior Director, Global Corporate Communications, Visa Inc.

Recruitment Director, Asia, Meltwater News

Peru Program Coordinator, Fundacion Runa

Bilingual Personnel Coordinator, Northwest Staffing Resources

Front Desk Agent, Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile

Bilingual Case Manager, HIV Alliance, Inc.

International Economist, US International Trade Commission

Geopolitical Specialist, Political Geography Now

Product Vertical Manager, Urbanara GmbH

Police Officer, City of Portland Police Bureau