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About the College

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is the intellectual hub of the University of Oregon, providing academic programs that support the mission of the entire institution and shape its identity as a comprehensive research university.

The UO is widely known for its progressive, inclusive atmosphere that builds on a legacy of Oregon’s pioneering spirit, its lush, welcoming campus situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and its fundamental commitment to the betterment of the human condition and quality of life. Our campus community truly is a community, known for its ethic of social responsibility. Both students and faculty come here because they want to make a difference.

Our values and defining strengths as an institution are realized through the breadth and depth of research and teaching in CAS, where we collectively seek to understand:

  • The dynamics of the physical and biological worlds and natural phenomena
  • The interrelated systems (scientific, social, philosophical and natural) that impact natural resources, environmental change, and human response to these changes
  •  The physical and psychological health of individuals and groups
  • The social and economic systems that promote (or diminish) human well-being
  • The dynamics of internationalization, particularly from the vantage point of the Pacific Northwest and its relation to global cultures, economies, and politics
  • The indispensable role that the study of history, languages, philosophy, and literary, cultural, and religious expression play in illuminating the entirety of the human experience

Cross-cutting all of these endeavors are the disciplines that comprise the three academic divisions of CAS: humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. These diverse approaches to knowledge exemplify what the liberal arts and sciences offer to both students and faculty —a multidimensional, nuanced approach to understanding the complex world we live in.

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