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Jessica Green

Graphic Novels and the City of Light

Jessica Green, associate professor of biology and co-director of the UO’s Institute of Ecology and Evolution, recently returned from a year in ...

Heisman Winner, Science Grad

As predicted by most of the experts—and all Duck fans—Marcus Mariota has been awarded this year’s Heisman Trophy. “We are thrilled to see ...
Brendan Bohannan

Digging in the Dirt

Video: UO biologist Brendan Bohannan leads efforts to learn how converting the world’s largest rainforests into farms affects life in the ground.
Scientist tests marijuana

High Standards

Chemistry alum Rodger Voelker, PhD ’96, hopes to improve safety for medical marijuana users.
White, with bonobo

Chimpanzees, Bonobos and Us

A team including UO anthropologist Frances White (pictured) finds humans aren’t to blame for aggression in chimpanzees.
Muslim delegate at event

With History As Their Stage

The speaker, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, delivered to fellow delegates a stirring denunciation of fatal rioting in Calcutta, his anger concentrated ...

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