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The Matter of an “A”

UO linguist Melissa Baese-Berk examines the question around Neil Armstrong’s historic quote.
C83 Mice. Wildtype  (Brown/Black coat color). Photographed for Ven Natarajan.

Looking for Insight

UO neuroscientists studying vision in mice are learning more about how we make decisions.

Mixing Oil and Water

One geography student heads to Ecuador while another travels to Nepal to study natural resources.

Evolutionary Mutation

Biochemist Ken Prehoda looks at how one change to a single-cell organism 600 million years ago helped shape life.

Back to the Bard

English professor Lara Bovilsky‘s new digital tool transports students to Shakespeare’s time.

A Seminal Moment

A $500 million gift from the Knights will fast-track innovations to improve quality of life across Oregon and beyond.

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