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  • Bio Meets Biz
    Biology major wins a business school competition and a scholarship to a top European business program.

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Seismic waves

Catching The Seismic Wave

If you want to know what’s shaking in Thailand, ask Dean Livelybrooks. The tenured senior instructor in the UO’s Department of Physics is helping ...
Forbes magazine subject

Forbes: Liberal Arts Degree Is “Hottest Ticket in Tech”

Forbes magazine is underscoring what we know so well: Employers want people who can think, write, communicate and connect with customers.

Joe Lowndes Nerds Out

Poli sci professor talks about the influence of black social movements in presidential campaigns, on MSNBC’s “Nerding Out.”

UO to Host Forum on “The Really Big One”

UO geologists to discuss earthquake preparedness and efforts to expand a West Coast early warning system.

Patent Granted for Fractal-Based Technology

Physicist Richard Taylor is applying his expertise in fractals to restore sight to the blind.
Robotic sub

Diving Deep

The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology is part of a team behind an innovative robotic sub that does plankton sampling, Nature World News reports.

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