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  • Internet of Things
    In innovative, hands-on course, students learn computers can control everything from the thermostat to the family car. No computer background necessary.

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From Refugee to Geneticist

George Streisinger’s love for science led him to be the first person to clone a vertebrate.
Eric Corwin

Cracking Glass Mysteries

Eric Corwin of physics joins an international team that will study how temperature changes glass.
Women in CS Club

Blazing Trails from UO to Harvard

Computer science major Zoe Olson helps pave the way for women in STEM fields.
Marcus Mariota

Tomorrow’s Quarterbacks

Marcus Mariota, a general science alum, joined a team to inspire current Ducks to be leaders.
Martha Bayless

Bread Winner

English professor Martha Bayless earns a prestigious fellowship for research on bread.
Manju Bangalore

This IS Rocket Science

Sophomore Manju Bangalore’s research on in-space propulsion earns stellar national recognition.

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