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  • Bio Meets Biz
    Biology major wins a business school competition and a scholarship to a top European business program.

CAS News

Tykesons with UO officials

A New Home For CAS

Lawmakers approve funding for the College and Careers Building, a new home for the College of Arts and Sciences and the Career Center.
Annika Gustafsson

From Black Markets To Black Holes

Annika Gustafsson was a standout presenter at a recent symposium on undergraduate research about everything from the business world to outer space.

UO’s 2015 Fulbright Winners All From CAS

Kudos to recent grads Shireen Farahani (Linguistics) and Sarah Martin (German), and PhD student Jerilynn “M” Jackson (Geography).

UO Historian Cited in Supreme Court Ruling

Ellen Herman and 19 fellow historians filed a brief that was cited in the recent ruling that same-sex couples have the right to marry.
Word cloud

A Renaissance In Undergraduate Education

The College of Arts and Sciences is infusing general education curricula with cutting-edge techniques, technology and fresh approaches.

Switching Majors, Finding Her Passion

Hayley Pratt-Stibich, anthropology major and Pathway Oregon and Gates Millennium scholarship recipient, switched disciplines and found her passion. ...

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