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  • Stencil Me In
    Power-washed stencils give concrete meaning to elemental theme

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Ulrich Mayr

When Minds Go Wandering

Now, where was I? Oh yes. Interruptions. It’s amazing how you can get sidetracked when something distracts you, even for a moment, isn’t it? Well, ...
Kellan Kadooka

Using Humanities And Psychology To Help Kids

Junior Kellan Kadooka, a humanities-psychology double-major, aims to help disadvantaged children.
Mickey Swartz

A Hankering For Volcanoes

Freshman profile: AP Scholar Mickey Swartz is interested in the earth sciences, history and volcanoes.
Alex Dang

Diversity = Creativity

TEDxUOregon, held earlier this year, showcased electric presentations by faculty and students — many of them from CAS — on the theme, ...
Joe Sventek

Leaving Scotland—And Scotch—For The UO

The Internet was still a research project when Joe Sventek realized that moving electrons through circuit boards might be more interesting than ...

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