Alumni Making an Impact

Alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences have gone onto successful careers across the world. From advice for current and prospective students to classes and mentors that made an impact in their lives and a variety of journeys from the UO to where they are now, hear from our alumni and learn about their paths to success.

Mitch Thomson

Alumnus Spotlight: Mitchel Thomson

Thomson earned his degree in Chinese and Asian Studies, and went on to a successful 30-year career in global management industries.

Spaceship illustration

UO Alumna Part of Webb Space Telescope Team

Now that the NASA James Webb Space Telescope has reached its destination a million miles from Earth and begins beaming back images of the deepest parts of space this summer, Charity Woodrum, a 2018 UO alumna, will be among the first to pore over them, looking for clues to how our galaxy came to be.

Alumnus Skye Fitzgerald

Oscar-nominated Alumus Films Hunger Ward, Lifeboat, 50 Feet from Syria

Six years in the making, three powerful films by UO theater arts alumnus and award-winning documentary filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald raise awareness and shine stark light on the plight of their subjects. He calls the projects his “humanitarian trilogy.”

AK Ikwuakor

AK Ikwuakor Is Hurdling The Pandemic

Sociology alumnus AK Ikwuakor is now founder of MobileXA business consulting and sales excellence coach lead at Google, as well as producer to the Mornings with Coach AK podcast.

A headshot of Kirstin Valdez Quade

For "The Five Wounds," Four Words

Creative writing alumna Kirstin Valdez Quade is an award-winning novelist and creative writing professor at Princeton University.

Nayeon Kim paints a child's face

In Pursuit of Justice

UO alumna Nayeon Kim believes there is benefit to society in reducing the prison terms of people of color and others victimized by excessive sentences and systemic racism. And she is dedicated to this work.

Jana Schmieding

Native Voice: Jana Schmieding

With Rutherford Falls, Jana Schmieding promotes Indigenous representation in Hollywood.

Nathan Harris

Alumnus Spotlight: Nathan Harris

Nathan graduated with a BA in English, and now he’s a New York Times bestselling author.

Rudy Omri

Alumnus Spotlight: Rudy Omri

Rudy earned his MA in Geography, and now he works for Planet helping customers use satellite images of the earth to fight wildfires.

Lauren Tierney

Alumna Spotlight: Lauren Tierney

Lauren graduated with a BA and M.S. in Geography, and how she works for the Washington Post as a Graphics Editor.

Jesse Nett

Alumnus Spotlight: Jesse Nett

Jesse earned his degree in Geography from UO and now he’s the Regional Cartographer for the USDA Forest Service in Colorado.

Mark Carrato

Alumnus Spotlight: Mark Carrato

Mark earned his MA in Global Studies, and now he’s the coordinator for the Power Africa Program.

Ava Jamerson

Alumna Spotlight: Ava Jamerson

Ava graduated from the UO in 2018 with a double major in Chinese and Business Administration and now, she is working for the Department of Commerce as an international trade specialist at the International Trade Administration and Director of Operations for The China Guys.

Bennet Voorhees

Alumnus Spotlight: Bennet Voorhees

Bennet double majored in Chinese and Economics, and now he’s using both as a data scientist.

Kathryn Desvignes Holder

Alumna Spotlight: Peace Corps to the Oregon Forest

Kathryn Desvignes Holder graduated in 2017 with a master's in global studies. Holder's coursework focused on cross-cultural communication, which provided her with a foundation to work alongside diverse voices surrounding the Umatilla National Forest in Oregon. 


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