Hands-on Learning

Hands-on Learning

Environmental Studies is full of ways to dig in and make a difference. Practical learning experiences – like internships, research symposiums and field study – allow students to apply their classroom learning; develop research, teamwork and/or professional skills; gain hands-on experience; explore potential career paths; begin to build a professional network; and get involved in their communities.

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Environmental Leadership Program

Environmental Leadership Program

The Environmental Leadership Program is a collaborative, interdisciplinary service-learning program housed in the University of Oregon Environmental Studies Program. We match student teams with non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and businesses to address local environmental needs. Our students gain leadership, communication, and professional skills by engaging directly in applied problem-resolution while providing valuable assistance to our community partners.

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Gain Real-world Experience

Through internships and service-learning opportunities, students gain real-world experience in a variety of career paths, applying their knowledge of Environmental Studies to earn credits to fulfill their Practical Learning Experience requirement and build their professional network

Environmental Studies Internships

Environmental Research

Get Involved in Research

Our students have many opportunities, both in Environmental Studies courses and those in other departments, to get involved in field research. Several core faculty members in Environmental Studies have research labs that welcome undergraduates, and students taking upper-level thesis credits are mentored by faculty as they pursue independent research.

Research Opportunities

Showcase your Work

From art to science, student work of all kinds is published and showcased in presentations and articles across our campus and beyond. Explore a few ways to make your work visible.

Publications and Creative Showcase

Travel and Study Around the World

Study abroad is a unique experience that often leads students to personal growth and cultural immersion, and one that can help develop academic and professional skills. The University of Oregon offers nearly 30 study abroad programs at top research institutions, Global Education Oregon (GEO) centers, and field stations around the world through the GEO office that can fulfill your ENVS or ESCI major or minor requirements while providing a uniquely immersive experience.

Study Abroad Programs

Join Groups for Environmental Organizing

Student organizations are a great way to meet people with similar interests, create networks, and gain experience in organizing and advocacy. Explore the many environment-related groups at the UO.

UO-Based Student Environmental Groups


Let's Talk - Confidential One-on-Ones
Let's Talk - Confidential One-on-Ones May 23 See multiple satellite locations in description or website
Turkish Coffee Hour
Turkish Coffee Hour May 23 Yamada Language Center
Film Screening and Discussion: "Havana Divas"
Film Screening and Discussion: "Havana Divas" May 24 Straub Hall
Book Talk: "Just Get on the Pill"
Book Talk: "Just Get on the Pill" May 25 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
The Church of Pre: Pilgrimage and Memorialization at the Roadside Shrine for Steve Prefontaine
The Church of Pre: Pilgrimage and Memorialization at the Roadside Shrine for Steve Prefontaine May 27 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
"Hay Fever"
"Hay Fever" May 27 Miller Theatre Complex
Anakú Iwachá: Yakama Legends and Stories
Anakú Iwachá: Yakama Legends and Stories May 31 Many Nations Longhouse
History Showcase
History Showcase Jun 2 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
Le Club Cinéma Film Screening
Le Club Cinéma Film Screening Jun 2 McKenzie Hall
“Particulate Matters: on Air, Art, and Justice”
“Particulate Matters: on Air, Art, and Justice” Jun 3

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