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CAS Diversity Work and Resources

“Support for individuals in our UO community—regardless of their politics, race, religion or other elements of identity—is at the very heart of our mission as a public institution of higher learning. We provide a haven where people can be themselves, express themselves and learn from one another in that process. As a university, our diversity is our strength.”

 W. Andrew Marcus, Tykeson Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Tolerance, inclusion, curiosity and openness are essential to advancing human understanding—and thus essential to the intellectual and academic mission of the College of Arts and Sciences. We welcome a diversity of cultures, histories, languages; different types of knowledge; different talents, abilities, training; a range of experiences, affiliations, alliances and perspectives—all are necessary for creativity, invention, collaboration and problem solving. There is no meaningful learning without challenge and difference.

The College of Arts and Sciences takes its charge and inspiration from the University of Oregon Mission Statement. We are devoted “to educating the whole person, and to fostering the next generation of transformational leaders and informed participants in the global community.”

The Dean’s Office offers the following list of resources for CAS faculty, staff and students to consult in their own efforts to contribute to equity and inclusion work at the UO.


   Divisional DAPs

   Humanities DAP

   Natural Sciences DAP

   Social Sciences DAP

Infographic: CAS Diversity Metrics

Selected CAS Resources (programs, centers and grants) 

Selected UO Resources

The following stories are examples of important work being done by our faculty and students that collectively advance our diversity goals:

Salmon is Everything

Play reading at Many Nations Longhouse of a work resulting from theatre professor’s collaboration with Klamath watershed stakeholders.

Latino Destinations and Environmental Inequality

Sociology grad students Camila Alvarez and Kathryn Norton-Smith publish study in ASA journal.

English as Weapon, English as Sanctuary

Undergrad Alec Cowan’s research has focused on the experience of Japanese American students during WWII.

Freedom of Expression: The Role of Protest in Transforming Education

Oct. 8, join Kathleen Cleaver and Danny Glover for a roundtable discussion, hosted by faculty in History and the Black Studies initiative. 

The Evolution of Race and Diversity in Comics

Voice of America interviews comics artists, cosplay participants and English prof Ben Saunders at San Diego Comic Con.

The “Broadcast 41” and #MeToo

In Ms Magazine piece, prof Carol Stabile draws from her new book re: women fighting sexism and racism in Hollywood, decades before #MeToo. 

Lesbian Oral History Project

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Special Collections created this project as part of the UO Library’s effort to preserve Oregon history. ...

Taking Center Stage

New English course brings together students and community members with disabilities to create performance pieces staged for the public.

Latest Edition of Undergrad Research Journal

Research by students in social sciences: Asian Studies, Poli Sci, Int’l Studies, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Psych Prof on “Crazy Rich Asians”

Gordan Nagayama Hall pens a piece on the hit film, saying enjoy the fun but be mindful of the stereotypes. 

Int’l Studies Alum Helps Refugees

Building on an internship at the UN in Kenya, DaHyun Kim (’18) now works for a nonprofit called Liberty in North Korea.

First Black Alumni Reunion To Take Place Fall 2018

The reunion is being organized by volunteers of the UO Black Alumni Network.

Profile: Jessica Vasquez Tokos

Sociologist researches the experience of Mexican Americans and Latinos as it relates to race, ethnicity, gender, and family.

Perfect Chemistry

At 150 members, UO’s Women in Graduate Science is one of the largest such groups in the country.

Research Meets Radio

JPR interview with Betsy Wheeler: How people with disabilities are represented in literature 

Environmental Justice For All

Laura Pulido helped start a movement to protect minorities from health hazards 

Planned Parenthood Partner

A student’s research provides baseline for study of Latinx health-care access.

Life Lessons

Mike Copperman set out to teach poor kids in the Mississippi Delta. But who was teaching whom? 

Gender Inequality at Uber

CJ Pascoe interview: “The Science of Sexism—Why Workplaces Are So Hard To Change.”

Global Gypsies

Confronting persecution of Europe’s largest ethnic minority 

Disabling the Stereotypes

New program challenges the stigmas associated with people with disabilities.

Indigenous Voices Matter

A comparative literature student asks, “What gets lost in translation?”

Dance of the Storytellers

Undergraduates travel to Mexico, to research the preservation of cultural traditions.