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The College of Arts and Sciences serves all of UO’s undergraduates through a wide-ranging array of academic opportunities. The majority of UO undergraduates, which encompass more than 50 percent of the UO—or almost 10,000 students—go on to pursue a degree in one of our many undergraduate majors or minors offered in CAS. Find your path here with CAS.

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Are you an incoming first-year or transfer student? Apply now to become a part of the next class of active, brilliant, determined Ducks. Come ready to innovate, start something, and expand your horizons.

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The UO has several new programs for undergraduate students, including exciting, interdisciplinary paths. Students have the opportunity to learn from leading researchers while receiving a liberal arts education that prepares them to be successful global citizens in the 21st century. Find your academic home.

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School of Global Studies and Languages

The new School of Global Studies and Languages offers an integrated curriculum that combines hands-on learning programs and new ways to study and apply languages, while incorporating social science education, cultural competency, and professional training to offer students a central hub for global careers and language learning at the UO.

School of Global Studies and Languages

Declare your Major/Minor

Are you a current student ready to declare your major or minor? The first step is contacting the right academic department where your chosen major is offered.

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Still have questions about your major? Talk with an academic advisor and develop an academic plan together.

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Undergraduate Scholarships

The College of Arts and Sciences provides a variety of donor-supported scholarships and fellowships for CAS students. Many of our departments and programs offer their own major-specific scholarships, as well.

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Academic Residential Communities

Living on the UO campus gives you the opportunity to join an academic residential community (ARC). Each ARC is centered around a common theme, and students living in these communities will select roommates from the same community, creating strong bonds with peers who share your interest or identity.

Academic Residential Communities

First-Year Interest Groups

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) bring first-year students, faculty, and a peer mentor together through a chosen field of study. Students in each FIG take a set of classes together, supplemented by meetings with their peer mentors and associated FIG faculty. Each FIG is unique and tailored to explore an exciting academic theme while helping students to acclimate to campus both academically and socially.

First-Year Interest Groups

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The University of Oregon is situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, home to dense forests and lush greenery, and is just one hour from both the snowcapped mountains and the Oregon coast. Visit our campus and explore everything Eugene has to offer!

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