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Researchers look at a map in a conference room.

New grant will help teach students the foundations of coding

Together with a team at the University of Idaho, librarians at the UO received a $49,919 digital humanities advancement grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop new technology-focused teaching plans for humanities courses.

Protestors walk down the street.

Professor's book examines bias, dissatisfaction with birth control

A UO professor has distilled 10 years of research on birth control and women’s experiences surrounding it into a new book that’s already sparking conversations across the country.

Various skylights

Passive solar could furnish a third of home heating needs

A new study by UO researchers found passive solar could furnish a third of home heating needs!​​​​​

Geri Richmond

UO's Geri Richmond gets the nod as new US energy undersecretary

UO chemist Geraldine Richmond has been confirmed as the new undersecretary of science and energy for the federal Department of Energy following a voice vote by the U.S. Senate.

Red theatre seats

Live acting to return to campus in new University Theatre season

After a year and a half of canceled, scaled back, and performed over Zoom, University Theatre is back with a full roster of in-theater productions.

Cornesha Tweede

PhD candidate to participate in prestigious humanities grant project

Cornesha Tweede to host roundtable and lead panel on perceptions of blackness in Spanish society. 

Ben Saunders

Professor of Comic Studies Ben Saunders to collaborate with Marvel and Penguin Classics

Marvel and Penguin Classics are producing a new series, starting with the Black Panther, Captain America, and The Amazing Spider Man.


Coast Fork Willamette River, Kalapuya ilihi

Symposium looks to forge paths for environmental activism

An environmental symposium featuring Black and Indigenous activists and scholars will bring together students, faculty, staff and community members to discuss significant efforts being made on local and national levels.

Doctoral students Lihaokun Chen (left) and Nicole Sagui assemble a bipolar membrane electrolyzer for testing.

Team probes new approach to carbon-free biomass process

Amid a global effort to transition to more climate-friendly biofuel options, a UO chemistry professor is helping develop carbon-free fermentation technology.

Researchers studying a fjord in Greenland prepare to place monitoring equipment in the water.

UO prof to study glacial fjords in Greenland as part of NSF grant

UO professor Mark Carey will join researchers from around the globe in an effort to better understand the ice loss happening across Greenland as well as the social issues Greenlanders are facing as a result.

UO computer scientist Ram Durairajan is working on new ways to protect computer networks from hackers and natural disasters.

Researcher awarded $2.4 million to improve internet security

Ram Durairajan has been awarded more than $2 million in funding from the National Science Foundation and $200,000 from the Internet Society Foundation to support projects in his lab all aimed at making the internet more resilient against threats of all kinds.

Ducks After Dark will show the Marvel film 'Black Widow'; starring Scarlett Johansson, on Nov. 11.

As fall clouds roll in, arts events continue to shine on campus

November is National Native American Heritage Month, and many opportunities are available to explore and learn about the history, heritage and culture of Indigenous people.

Research by a UO economist finds evidence that some plants reduce emissions on days when air monitoring takes place.

Polluters sometimes game the system to avoid penalties

Economist Eric Sou finds evidence some companies time emissions to avoid detection

Demonstrators in Austin march at the Texas state Capitol in just one of many rallies held across the U.S. to protest the state’s new abortion law.

The erosion of Roe v. Wade didn’t begin in Texas or Missouri

Alison Gash of Political Science discusses abortion rights for The Conversation.

Workshop participants of this year's Breath of Life connect with partners on Zoom.

Native language institute get federal COVID-19 relief funding

The UO Department of Linguistics has received a federal COVID-19 relief grant to support curriculum, outreach and student employees in the Northwest Indian Language Institute and National Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages.

The UO is using a new approach to teaching Arabic that allows students more flexibility

UO’s Arabic language program adopts a new teaching model

A team of three UO faculty members and one undergraduate student are creating a new, innovative curriculum for first-year Arabic at the UO.

A UO researcher is part of a team that is uncovering the blueprint for an enzyme known to cause cancer. Above: an illustration of a cancer cell.

Chemists develop new blueprint for enzyme involved in cancer

UO chemists have developed a blueprint for PI3K and identified where a critical regulatory protein binds to enzyme, a finding with potential to help boost the effort to build more specific cancer drugs.

2021-2022 Raymund Fellows

Division of Graduate Studies Announced 2021/2022 Raymund Fellows

Six CAS graduate students are awarded the Raymund Fellows.