Nakiessa Abbassi

Doctoral Student
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Phone: 541-346-4864
Office: 808 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Wednesdays 12-1pm on Zoom, in-person by appointment
Research Interests: Environmental law and policy, environmental justice, sustainable development, climate resilience

Spencer Abbe

Graduate Employee
Office: 340P McKenzie Hall
Research Interests: Environmental history of Siberia, the North Pacific, and Alaska

Cy Abbott

Master's Student
Phone: 541-346-4965
Office: 202 Condon
Research Interests: Cultural Geography, Border Theory, Geopolitics, Historical Geography, Europe and the Middle East

Kieran Abbotts

Graduate Employee
Human Physiology
Office: 405 Hayward Field

Maha Abdelwahab

Creative Writing Graduate Student / GE
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-1520
Office: PLC 210
Office Hours: M 1:00-4:00 spring term

Mus'ab Abdul Salam

Comparative Literature Graduate Student
English Department GE
Phone: 541-346-0529
Office: 216 PLC
Office Hours: Winter term: Tue/Thu 4-5:30pm

Hessam Abedini

Comparative Literature Graduate Student/GE
Comparative Literature
Office: 310 Villard
Research Interests: The reception of Persian literature in the West, especially in 18th to 20th century English and French literatures

Jacques Abelman

Assistant Professor
Food Studies
Phone: 541-346-3884
Office: 211 Lawrence Hall
Office Hours: Wednesday and Friday 11am - 12pm | By appointment.
Research Interests: Social Justice, Landscape Infrastructure, Food Systems, Agroecology, Research Through Design, Urban Agriculture

Nicole Abib

Ph.D. Candidate
Earth Sciences
Office: 205 Volcanology
Research Interests: physical oceanography, ice-ocean interactions

Jennifer Ablow

Associate Professor
Psychology Department
Phone: 541-346-4554
Office: 475 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Clinical, Developmental, Infant-Parent Attachment, Maternal Brain, Influence of Familial Risk and Protective Factors to Development of Stress, Physiological, and Emotion Regulation

Ricardo Abreu

Research Assistant
Office: CERN

Gulnura Abytalieva

Graduate Employee
Office: 346 McKenzie Hall

Alejandro Acero Ayuda

Graduate Employee, Spanish, PhD
Romance Languages
Phone: 541-346-4021
Office: 192K Esslinger
Office Hours: Hours: M-W, 12:00 -1:00 pm or by appointment
Research Interests: Sociolinguistics, Heritage Speakers, Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Technology and Education, Endangered Languages and Language Revitalization

Marisa Acosta

Earth Sciences
Office Hours: NA
Research Interests: Petrology

Marzena Adamiak

Courtesy Assistant Professor Fall 2014
Philosophy Department

Nathan Adams

Graduate Programs Coordinator
ENVS Master's Program & ESSP Doctoral Program
Environmental Studies
Phone: 541-346-5057
Office: 144B Columbia Hall

Alexis Adams-Clark

Doctoral Student
Psychology Department
Office: 366 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Clinical

Ted Adamson

American English Institute
Phone: 541-346-3945
Office: 222 Agate Hall

Angela Addae

Assistant Professor
IRES, Law, Law-JD
Phone: 541-346-1507
Research Interests: Equity In Urban Municipal Redevelopment Policies, Legal Advocacy Work

Nicolas Addington

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-4716
Office: 208 Fenton Hall

Precious Adejumobi

Graduate Student
Office: CON 365/366
Office Hours: By appointment via email
Research Interests: Public Space Negotiation and Appropriation, Pentecostalism, Alternative Healthcare

O Adeniji

Graduate Employee
Human Physiology
Phone: 541-346-4107
Office: B10 Mac Court

Sarah Agou

Graduate Employee, RL
Romance Languages
Office: Esslinger 192E
Office Hours: Monday and Thursday, 11:00-12:00, and by appointment
Research Interests: Indigenous Literature, Caribbean Literature, Feminist Theory, Women's Writing, Decolonial Studies

Michael Aguilera

Associate Professor
Latin American Studies, Sociology
Phone: 541-346-5059
Office: 732 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Monday and Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm
Research Interests: Inequalities and Stratification, Population and Ecology, Race and Ethnicity, Work Economy and Organizations

Carlos Aguirre

CLLAS, History, Latin American Studies, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-5905
Office: 333 McKenzie Hall
Office Hours: Winter 23, Monday 10:00-11:00 a.m., Wednesday 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Suhana Ahamed

Graduate Employee
Human Physiology
Office: 342 Gerlinger Hall

Saima Ahmed

PhD Candidate
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Office: 817 PLC
Office Hours: Spring 2023: Tuesdays 12pm-2pm
Research Interests: Climate Change, Environmental Politics, International Relations, International Security.

Melvin Aikens

Professor Emeritus
Anthropology, Asian Studies
Phone: 541-346-5115
Office: MNH, 1680 E. 15th Ave., Rm 108
Office Hours:

Ashia Ajani

English Graduate Student

Shabnam Akhtari

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-8406
Office: 320 Fenton Hall

Gui Aksit

Ph.D. Candidate
Earth Sciences
Office: 218 Volcanology
Research Interests: Volcanology, Magma transport, Field Geology, Dike Propagation Modeling

Sema Alacam

Courtesy Research Assistant
Philosophy Department
Research Interests: the role of body-based meaning structures in architectural design and image-schematic structures in the design process for digital design programs

Stacy Alaimo

Professor of English
Director of Graduate Studies; Core Faculty, Environmental Studies
Phone: 541-346-1476
Office: 205 PLC
Office Hours: Winter Term: Mon 1-3pm, Tue 3-4pm on Zoom (email for appointment)
Research Interests: Environmental Humanities, Posthumanities/New Materialism, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Literary and Critical Th,Postmodern and Contemporary Literary Studies, Visual Culture, Race, Ethnicity, and Indignity, Gender, Sexuality, Queer and Trans Studies

Alexandre Albert-Galtier

Associate Professor Emeritus of French
French, Romance Languages
Phone: 541-346-4026
Office: 322 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Fall 2022, Tuesday 3:00-5:00
Research Interests: 17th Centuty French Literature, Theater, Arts and Literature: Painters and Writers

Arnita Albertson

Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-1377
Office: 120 Deschutes Hall
Office Hours: M-F 9:00am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Claire Albrecht

Graduate Student
OMQ, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 217 Willamette Hall

Maria Licia Aldana Rogers

Spanish Instructor
Romance Languages
Phone: 541-346-4497
Office: 20 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays 9:45 - 11:45 (Zoom) and by Appointment
Research Interests: Transatlantic studies. Women and memory and Bolivian and Latin America Literature.

Benjamín Aleman

Associate Professor
OMQ, Physics, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-0891
Office: 178 Willamette Hall
Research Interests: Physics and synthesis of low-dimensional systems; nanoelectromechanical systems; solid-state defect centers and qubits; quantum and nanoscale-based sensing and microscopy; photonics; microfluidics

Yvette Alex-Assensoh

VP for Equity and Inclusion
Political Science
Phone: 541-346-3175
Office: 401E Tykeson Hall

Marcie Alexander

Creative Writing Graduate Student / GE
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-1595
Office: 455 PLC

Afnan Alharbi

Master's Student

Mofareh Alhazmi

PhD Student
General Linguistics Program

Peter Alilunas

Asst Prof in Journalism & Comm
Asst Prof, Dept. of Cinema Studies
Comics and Cartoon Studies, Digital Humanities, English
Phone: 541-346-2004
Office: 105 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 23, Tuesday noon-2:00 p.m.

Michael Allan

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Director of Graduate Studies
Program Faculty in Cinema Studies; Program Faculty in Arabic; Program Faculty in Middle East Studies; Program Faculty in Comic Studies
Arabic Studies, Cinema Studies Program, Comics and Cartoon Studies, Comparative Literature, Middle East and North African Studies
Office: 316 Villard Hall
Office Hours: F 11:15-1:15 by appt.
Research Interests: World literature (Francophone, Arabic), Film and visual culture, Postcolonial studies, Literary theory

David Allcock

Assistant Professor
OMQ, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4674
Office: 275 Willamette Hall
Research Interests: Ion trapping, quantum computing, and hybrid quantum systems

Ben Allen

Postdoctoral Scholar
Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics
Phone: (541) 346-5086
Office: 315 Willamette Hall

Nicholas Allen

Ann Swindells Professor; Director, Center for Digital Mental Health; Associate Director of Clinical Training
Center for Translational Neuroscience, Psychology Department
Phone: 541-346-4075
Office: 479 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Clinical, Adolescent Development and Mental Health, Mood Disorders, Sleep, Developmental Social and Affective Neuroscience, Family Processes, Digital Mental Health, Assessment and Intervention, Prevention Research

Markus Allgaier

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
OMQ, Physics
Office: 242 Willamette Hall
Research Interests: Quantum Sensing, Environmental Optics, Remote Sensing, Physics of the Cryosphere

Moaaz Alqady

Pre-PhD student
Phone: 541-346-4719
Office: M212 University Hall

Donella-Elizabeth Alston Cleveland

Administrative Program Assistant
Phone: 541-346-0901
Office: 104 Alder Bldg

Gabriella Altmire

Doctoral Student
Phone: 541-346-5057
Office: 636 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: By Appointment

Ramón Alvarado

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Data Science Initiative
Data Ethics Coordinator/Colloquium Committee Chair
Digital Humanities, Philosophy Department
Office: 245 Susan Campbell Hall
Office Hours: Fall 2022: Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00 AM

Alexa Aman

Creative Writing Graduate Student / GE
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-8750
Office: 228C PLC

Mayra Amezcua

Research Associate
OMQ, Physics
Phone: (541) 346-4807
Office: 272B Willamette Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays 5-6PM @ MSI Atrium

Seema Amin

Graduate Student, Department of Comparative Literature
Comparative Literature

Piyush Amitabh

Graduate Student
Office: 354C Willamette Hall

Nina Amstutz

Associate Professor
German & Scandinavian, History Art & Arch
Phone: 541-346-7313
Office: 219 Lawrence Hall
Office Hours: By appointment
Research Interests: 18th- and 19th-century art; history of science

Nathan Andersen

Postdoctoral Scholar
Earth Sciences
Phone: 541-346-4573

Daniel D. Anderson

Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-0536
Office: 209 Alder Bldg
Office Hours: By appointment via video

Heather Anderson

Doctoral Student
Psychology Department
Office: 365 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Developmental

Julie Anderson

Administrative Program Assistant
Phone: 541-346-1504
Office: 124 PLC
Office Hours: On leave, please contact

Susan Anderson

Professor of German
German & Scandinavian
Phone: 541-346-4056
Office: 321 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Not teaching this term
Research Interests: German and Austrian literature and culture from the late 19th century to the present

Tanner Anderson

PhD Candidate
Phone: 541-346-5109
Office: 365 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Thursdays 9-11am via Zoom
Research Interests: Evolutionary genomics, human brain evolution, molecular brain aging

Nathanael Andrade

Associate Professor
Middle East and North African Studies
Phone: 541-346-9045
Office: 313 McKenzie Hall
Office Hours: On leave AY 2016-2017; available by email
Research Interests: Ancient History

Philip Andrango

Graduate Teaching Fellow
OMQ, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 217 Willamette Hall

Paul Andreini

Graduate Student
OMQ, Physics
Phone: (541) 346-4807
Office: 271 Willamette Hall
Research Interests: Quantum Optics; Quantum Computing; Quantum Sensing

Gabrielle Andrew

Graduate Program Specialist
Phone: 541-346-4531
Office: 77 Klamath Hall

Aneesh Aneesh

Executive Director, School of Global Studies and Languages
Global Studies, School of Global Studies and Languages

Denicia Aragon

Doctoral Student
Psychology Department
Research Interests: Social-Personality

Faten Arfaoui

Instructor, Arabic Studies
Arabic Studies
Phone: 541-346-4066
Office: 366 Susan Campbell Hall
Office Hours: On Leave 2019-20

Rafael Arias

Senior Instructor I of Spanish
Romance Languages, Spanish, Spanish Heritage Language Program
Phone: 541-346-4106
Office: 16 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays 9:30-11:30 and by appointment

Zena Ariola

Associate Department Head
Computer Science
Phone: 541-346-4448
Office: 305 Deschutes Hall
Research Interests: Programming Languages, Term Rewriting Systems, Lambda-calculus, Logic

Franscesca Ark

Graduate Student, Physics Department
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 220 Willamette Hall

Emily Arnesen

Doctoral Student
Phone: 541-346-1261
Office: 407 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: Tuesday 2:00-3:00 pm and Thursday 10:00-11:00 am
Research Interests: Labor economics, behavioral economics

Gillean Arnoux

Logistics & Operations Specialist - Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
Earth Sciences
Phone: 541-346-4573
Office: 1600 Millrace Dr., Ste 246
Research Interests: Geophysics

Michael Aronson

Associate Professor
Director of Cinema Studies
Cinema Studies Program
Phone: 541-346-3927
Office: 101 PLC

Carolina Arredondo Sanchez Lira

Graduate Teaching Fellow
Global Studies
Office: PLC 316
Office Hours: Monday 12:30 - 1:30
Research Interests: Latin America, Public Health, STI/HIV Prevention, Harm Reduction, Migration, Border issues, social movements

Holly Arrow

Professor Emerit Psychology
Pro Tem Instructor Law
Law, Psychology Department, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-1996
Office: 421 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Social/Personality, Small Group Dynamics, Psychology of War

John Arroyo

Assistant Professor
Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Latino Studies, School for Advanced Research (Santa Fe, NM)
Phone: 541-346-2265
Research Interests: Urban Planning and Design, Latina/o/x Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Migration, Transnational Processes, Environmental and Climate Justice, Community Development, Housing, Suburbs, Public Space, Arts and Culture, Historic Preservation, Qualitative Methods

Cristien Arzate

Graduate Teaching Fellow
Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4770
Office: 463 Willamette Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays: 11am - 12pm

Pouya Asadi

Postdoctoral Scholar
Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics
Office: 455 Willamette

Craig Asberry

PhD Candidate
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Office: 812 PLC
Office Hours: winter 2023: M 1:30-2:30
Research Interests: Political Ideology, Media Politics, Political Speech, Congressional Representation, Big Data, Statistical Modeling

Sarah Ashby

Graduate Student
OMQ, Physics
Office: 155 Willamette Hall

Asif Ashraf

Ph.D. Candidate
Earth Sciences
Office: Cascade 105B

Ina Asim

Associate Professor
Asian Studies, Food Studies, History, Medieval Studies
Phone: 541-346-6161
Office: 317 McKenzie Hall

Khurram Aslam

Post Doc fellow
Earth Sciences
Phone: 541-346-4573
Research Interests: Rupture dynamics, Earthquake cycles

Akwasi B. Assensoh

Courtesy Professor
African Studies, History
Phone: (541) 346-4802
Office: 275 McKenzie Hall

Jessica Atencio

Graduate Employee
Human Physiology
Phone: 541-346-4107
Office: 405 Hayward Field

Olivia Atkinson

PhD Candidate
Graduate Employee
Political Science
Phone: 541-346-4864
Office: 817 PLC
Office Hours: Winter 2023: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Marin Aurand

Graduate Employee
Office: 343 McKenzie Hall
Research Interests: Labor history, social movements

Zahran Austin

Graduate Employee
Office: 340N McKenzie Hall
Office Hours: Winter 23, Thursday 10:00-12:00

Kaisa Autumn

PhD student
Earth Sciences
Phone: 9712766288
Office: CAS 125E
Research Interests: geophysics, seismic tomography, volcanology

Sam Axelrod

Creative Writing Graduate Student / GE
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-3921
Office: PLC 211
Office Hours: MW 2:15-3:45 spring term

William Ayres

Professor Emeritus
Anthropology, Asian Studies
Phone: 541-346-5119
Office Hours: