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About the College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Structure

The College of Arts and Sciences is the academic heart of the University of Oregon. It provides a nucleus of liberal arts and sciences studies for the entire university, with more than 50 undergraduate majors and 23 Ph.D. programs.

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The departments and programs of the Humanities Division are committed to the study of human meaning as it is expressed in diverse languages, explained in diverse literatures, and reflected upon from diverse philosophical and religious perspectives. 

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Natural Sciences

Our science departments are committed to creating and disseminating new knowledge in their fields by combining research and teaching. 

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Social Sciences

Social sciences provide an analytical approach to society’s problems. As a result, faculty and students in the social sciences often focus on complex and intersectional issues such as racism, international conflict and war, climate change, and poverty.

The new School of Computer and Data Sciences will be open in fall 2023 to students throughout the UO, with the goal of serving 2,000 undergraduate majors and students in existing and new undergraduate and graduate programs.
School of Computer and Data Sciences

At the School of Computer and Data Sciences, students and faculty work to advance knowledge in computer and data science, train the next generation of scholars, and engage with the wider world to tackle interdisciplinary challenges.

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School of Global Studies and Languages

At the School of Global Studies and Languages (GSL), UO students engage with diverse cultures, languages, histories, and lifeways across the world.