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About the College of Arts and Sciences

CAS Strategy Development Timeline

During the past six months, the College of Arts and Sciences engaged with its community of stakeholders. We did this to incorporate as many voices and input into the strategic planning creation process. This engagement period was filled with enthusiastic feedback from our alumni, campus leaders, faculty, graduate and undergrad students, and staff. Thanks to your collaboration, the CAS strategic plan will serve as a road map over the next several years.


    December 2023-June 2024

    Strategic Planning Committee

    A 13-member steering committee was formed to represent the diversity of the CAS community, consisting of students, faculty, and alumni. Their duties were to:

    • Provide feedback on the stakeholder engagement approach
    • Serve as a sounding board for emerging themes and concepts
    • Champion the process and ultimate outcomes

    January-February 2024

    Early Interviews 

    University administrators and faculty leaders provided insight to:

    • Gather early perspectives on CAS’s key distinctions
    • Define the contours of the current landscape
    • Discover critical readings, stakeholders, and early strategic questions

    Feb. 14, 2024

    CAS Leadership Meeting

    • Members of the dean’s leadership team, unit heads, and shared services leaders engaged with the process to:
    • Generate energy and enthusiasm for the strategic planning process
    • Gather concepts and sentiments to inform the development of the CAS vision mission, and values, as well as ideas of potential CAS-wide priorities

    Feb. 26, 2024

    CAS Advisory Board 

    Members of the CAS Advisory Board provided input on:

    • Perspectives, stories, and concepts to help steer CAS’s future vision
    • Ideas, concepts, and language to inform the mission and values
    • Energy and enthusiasm on the strategic planning process.

    Feb. 27, 2024 

    CAS Caucus

    Members of the CAS Caucus, UO senators from CAS units, offered ideas on:

    • Generate energy and enthusiasm for the strategic planning process
    • Gather ideas to inform vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities
    • Communicate the desired role of the faculty as advisors in the process

    Feb. 27, 2024 

    Undergraduate Student Advisory Board (USAB) 

    Members of the USAB provided feedback to:

    • Orient students to the strategic planning process and desired outcomes
    • Generate energy and enthusiasm around the strategic plan
    • Gather ideas to inform vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities.

    April 10, 2024 

    Division of Administrative Services Leadership (CASDAS) 

    CASDAS leadership met to discuss: 

    • An update on the planning and engagement process
    • Feedback and input on the emerging vision, mission, values, and potential strategic directions
    • Engagement with the CAS community

    April 29-30, 2024 

    Community Conversations 

    Dean Chris Poulsen hosted large-scale conversations with the CAS community to:

    • Encourage shared ownership, as well as connection, with the draft mission, vision, and values statement
    • Collect perspectives, stories, and concepts to inform the college’s strategic direction
    • Generate enthusiasm around the strategic planning process