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About the College of Arts and Sciences

CAS Vision, Mission, and Values

The foundation of the College of Arts and Sciences's strategy is based on well-defined vision and mission statements. These statements provide us with a guide that will shape the college's future and is key for a premier institution that provides our students with an excellent liberal arts education in the 21st century. 

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The College of Arts and Sciences is Oregon’s premier liberal arts institution: an inclusive and collaborative community of critical thinkers, curious learners, and creative scholars, working together to build a better world.

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The College of Arts and Sciences advances the discovery and creation of new knowledge and understanding to address the most pressing problems and offers an inspired, forward-looking, inclusive liberal arts education that prepares students for a life of purpose and well-being while maximizing the opportunities afforded by a world-class research university.


A premier higher education institution can only serve students through the support of faculty and staff. These four values — selected by the CAS community — will serve as a framework for the college as it makes decisions, fosters a sense of belonging for all, builds trust, and more. 

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A liberal arts education makes vivid the value of diverse perspectives and varied disciplinary insights and methods. Our collective strengths and abilities are a necessity for addressing the complex problems that will define the future. In CAS, faculty, staff, and students work and learn together, benefiting from each other’s contributions and expertise.

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We value and teach curiosity and exploration as the wellsprings of creativity and innovation. In CAS, we cultivate the combination of rigorous and imaginative thinking that leads to novel and insightful solutions.

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In CAS, we recognize, honor, and support individual differences while striving for fairness and justice. We aim to address the varied needs of our diverse community and to eliminate disparities in access and educational achievement to ensure everyone in our community can flourish.

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We are committed to values-driven, fair processes and strive for open, clear, and timely communication. We recognize that transparency and accountability increase trust. The CAS community is strengthened when each of us understands the College’s purpose and priorities.