Profile picture of Ronald Mitchell

Ronald Mitchell

Professor of Political Science
Climate Studies, Environmental Studies, Political Science
Phone: 541-346-4880
Office: 921 PLC
Office Hours: Sp24: Tuesday & Thursdays 10:00-11:30
Research Interests: Environmental Politics, International Relations


Ronald Mitchell is involved with two major projects. The first involves research into the effectiveness of international environmental treaties, including development and maintenance of the International Environmental Agreements database which contains a comprehensive list of multilateral environmental treaties and associated data.  He is developing the database to contain data on treaty performance to foster quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate the effects that such treaties have on the behavior of states and nonstate actors. The second project, with his colleague Sue Weiler, at Whitman College, is the DISCCRS program which helps foster the careers of recent PhDs working on climate change, helping them develop skills in conducting interdisciplinarity research and in communicating climate science effectively to the public.  He has published 4 books and articles inInternational Organization, International Studies Quarterly, and other scholarly journals. He teaches courses on international relations, international environmental politics, climate change, and international organization.


For more information, see Ronald Mitchell's website.