Global Studies and Languages

Michael Fishlen

Associate Professor Emeritus, Chinese Literature
Asian Studies, East Asian Languages
Office: 308 Friendly Hall

Leah Foy

Grad/Undergrad Secretary
College Scholars, East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-4158
Office: 308 Friendly Hall

Giacomo Frazzetta

Graduate Employee
Romance Languages
Phone: (541) 5790627
Office: 30 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday 10-12
Research Interests: Comparative Literatures, Cinema Studies, 19th century, 20th century, Romanticism, Modernism, Postmodernism, Writing

Alisa Freedman

Professor, Japanese Literature, Cultural Studies, and Gender
Editor-in-Chief, U.S.-Japan Women's Journal
Asian Studies, Comics and Cartoon Studies, East Asian Languages, English, Translation Studies
Phone: 541-979-7794
Office: 404 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: Fridays, 10:30-12:00 on Zoom (Please email for an appointment.)
Research Interests: Modern Japanese literature, popular culture, youth culture, visual media, digital culture, urban studies, and gender

Stephen Frost

African Studies, Anthropology
Phone: 541-346-5161
Office: 353 Condon Hall
Office Hours: M/W 9:00am-10:00am in Condon 353

Miku Fukasaku

Japanese Language Instructor
East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-4184
Office: 313 Friendly Hall

Teppei Fukuda

Graduate Student (doctoral)
East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-4084
Office: Friendly Hall 114
Research Interests: Japanese aesthetics related to seasons, Japanese poetry, Manga, Japanese Onomatopoeia, Translation

Linda Fuller

Professor Emerita
Latin American Studies, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 541-346-5522
Office: 323 Hendricks Hall

Yukari Furikado-Koranda

Senior Instructor II, Japanese Language
East Asian Languages
Phone: 541-346-4002
Office: 313 Friendly Hall
Office Hours: M/W 2:30pm-4pm or by appointment