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Kwangyeol Ko

Graduate Employee
Office: 350F McKenzie Hall
Research Interests: Soviet History: Socialist Politics, Planned Economy, Central-Local Relations, Cold War


My research interests lie in the Soviet Union, with a particular emphasis on socialist politics, planned economy, central-local relations in the context of sophistication of the economic structures and global Cold War. My dissertation is entitled "Khrushchev's Perestroika: The Sovnarkhoz Reform in the Soviet Dnipropetrovsk, 1957-1965." Focusing on the Ukrainian Dnipropetrovsk, which was the political-economic hub of the Soviet Union, I will go beyond the previous simplistic notion of central versus local and innovative versus conservative to understand how the Sovnarkhoz reform actually functioned in the local areas. In the same manner, I argue that the Sovnarkhoz reform was not an unsuccessful attempt to jeopardize the Stalinist fortress and implement a market economy, but rather it was a representation of the internal dynamics of participation by specialists, bureaucrats, and workers, as well as leadership in discussing and forging socialist economic management for the purpose of constructing the future Communist society. I have reading knowledge of Ukrainian, Polish, and German as well as advanced level of Korean, English, and Russian.