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Photos of video production

Theater brings two Latinx-themed shows to the virtual stage

University Theatre will virtually present “Watermelon Kisses” and “Marisol’s Christmas,” two one-act plays that celebrate the importance of ...
Migration routes for herds of ungulates are increasingly threatened

UO geographers map out new conservation opportunities

Maps created by the UO’s InfoGraphics Lab could be key conservation tools to help mammals on the move.
The week of reserach will include the Unergraduate Research Symposium

The UO’s inaugural Week of Research will kick off May 24

Taking place May 24-28, the event offers many activities, including competitions, panel discussions, and more.
Four faculty member will serve as inaugural Provost Fellows at UO

Four faculty members named to Provost Fellows Program

Fellows include Anita Chari and Alison Gash of political science, Maile Hutterer of history and architecture, and Emily Simnitt of English.
Saber-tooth cat has taken a young woolly mommoth

UO graduate identify a new species of saber-toothed giant

Two UO graduates let the cat out of the bag this month, identifying a new saber-toothed cat species that roamed North America 9 to 5 million years ...
The massive temple complex

UO archaeologist helps nail the population of ancient Angkor

Archaeologists, including the UO’s Alison Carter, report that 700,000-900,000 people lived in Cambodia’s medieval Greater Angkor region.
Rachel DiNitto and Diana Garvin

Two UO professors awarded 2021 Sustainability Teaching Awards

Rachel DiNitto and Diana Garvin have been awarded the 2021 Sustainability Teaching Awards Rachel DiNitto, professor of East Asian Languages and ...
Ed Whitelaw

UO mourns economist Ed Whitelaw, a ‘disruptive visionary’

Ed Whitelaw — UO economics professor emeritus, founder of the ECONorthwest consulting firm, and more — died April 27 at age 80.
poster of Disability Studies panel

Panelists to discuss how disabled professionals find success

The disability studies minor will present a virtual discussion featuring a multiracial panel of professionals with disabilities.
photo of dinning out

How dining out has evolved over 200 years, and how is still at it

UO history lecturer Hannah Cutting-Jones discusses how dining out has evolved over 200 years.
poster of Faculty research awards

The 2021 Faculty Research Awards go to 12 UO scholars

Twelve UO researchers and scholars pursuing research on subjects ranging from rock and roll music to data science to COVID-19 have received 2021 ...
photo of nature

Environmental Studies faculty teams receive I3 seed funding program awards

Seed funding brings faculty from across the university together to focus on environmental research. Five Environmental Studies faculty, and their ...
Marine Ecology field trip

College biology course goes outside for pandemic learning

Professor Aaron Galloway’s marine ecology class is features in The World.
Geri Richmond

Geraldine Richmond nominated for a top post in US Energy Department

Richmond, Professor of Chemistry, has been nominated to serve in the Biden administration as undersecretary for science in the Department of Energy.
photos of cow

Study: Pushing chicken and fish doesn’t cut into beef

A 53-year analysis of international data by sociology professor Richard York found that eating chicken or fish doesn’t help with energy ...
Rudy Omri

CAS Alumnus spotlight: Rudy Omri

Rudy earned his Master’s Degree in Geography, and now he works for Planet helping customers use satellite images of the earth to fight ...
Lauren Tierney

CAS Alumna spotlight: Lauren Tierney

Tierney graduated with a B.A. and M.S. in Geography, and how she works for the Washington Post as a Graphics Editor. Lauren Tierney found the ...
Ava Jamerson

CAS Alumna spotlight: Ava Jamerson

Jamerson double-majored in Chinese and Business Administration, and now she works for the Department of Commerce and directs a startup. Ava Jamerson ...
Alai Reyes Santos

A thirst for Oregon Water Futures Project

Alaí Reyes-Santos, professor of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies and Conflict Resolution, co-authored an op-ed for the Salem Statesman Journal on ...
poster of Einstein's model

New research project challenges Einstein’s model of diffusion

New research from UO physicist Eric Corwin, and his brother Ivan of Columbia University, challenges Einstein’s model of diffusion, a theory ...
Diego Melgar

Shaking things up

Earth sciences professor Diego Melgar survived a large earthquake, and now he studies them.
Bathsheba Demuth

The life of Arctic peoples will be explored in humanities talk

An environmental historian at Brown University will explore the Chukchi Peninsula in far eastern Siberia in the 2020-21 Oregon Humanities ...
Alice Barkan

UO molecular biologist Alice Barkan is elected to the AAAs

Alice Barkan, a UO molecular biologist who uses plant systems to answer fundamental biological questions, has been elected to the American Academy of ...
Grant for Asian American Anthology

Grant enables study of Asian American Literary Anthology

UO English professor Tara Fickle has received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support her project “Behind Aiiieeeee! ...

Glacier Lab provides launch pad for research, study and future careers

The Glacier Lab studies the societal impacts of climate change on glaciers, icebergs, and snow worldwide.
Professor Sarah Wald

UO professor digs into stories about diversity and equity outdoors

Professor Sarah Wald is working on a new research project that will explore how different narratives address inequities and diversity in public land ...

UO physicists maps new route to control sound in thin films

A theoretical path to make artificial composite thin films in which sound waves can be stopped, reversed and even stored for later use has been ...

Williams Fellowship awarded to three UO faculty members

Raghuveer Parthasarathy, in the Department of Physics, earned a Williams Fellowship, awarded to UO educators who have worked to bring innovation and ...
Cinema Studies

UO cinema studies department hosts Academy Award Nominee

The 2021 Visiting Filmmaker Series will feature Mollye Asher, producer of Golden Globe winner and current Oscar contender “Nomadland.”

I3 seed funding program awards grants to four research team

Four interdisciplinary teams have been awarded seed funding through the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation to pursue ...
picture of brain plasticity

UO Discovery could one day help rejuvenate the adult brain

A recent discovery by postdoctoral researcher Sarah Ackerman identified nonelectrical cells that transition the brain from a highly plastic state, ...
Photos of video production

University of Oregon Theatre Adapts During COVID-19 Pandemic

Technology and Zoom allowed students and faculty to not only develop a new skill set, but also experiment with the diversity of the theatrical ...
photo of Bee

Study unlocks how wild bees survive habitat pressures

A research team led by UO biologist Lauren Ponisio has uncovered how native bee species may be best equipped to survive intense agricultural practices ...
photo of Shabnam Akhtari

Shabnam Akhtari of the Math department wins 2021-22 Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize

The prize is awarded by prize by The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) and Cornell University.
Brendan Bohannan

Brendan Bohannan, UO professor of Biology, was named a 2021 fellow by the Ecological Society of America

Bohannan was recognized for his fundamental contributions to the unification of microbiology and ecology.
Nicole Wales

Physics student is melting the glass ceiling

Student Nicole Wales mapped her own brain using an MRI scan and learning code, so she could research the physics of melting glass.
poster photo for Science Showcase

Spring Oregon Quarterly showcases UO strength in science

Scientific discovery is a cornerstone of the UO mission as well as the College of Arts and Sciences, and its various forms take center stage in the ...
Kuhl Lab

UO lab advances research on memory formation and recall

The research comes from the Kuhl lab in the UO Institute of Neuroscience.
poster for COVID-19 family study

COVID-19 makes existing family stress worse, study finds

The study comes from UO psychologist Phil Fisher’s team at the Center for Translational Neuroscience.
poster of Center for Women Studies

The Center for the Study of Women in Society has received 2021-22 funding awards totaling $108,000

The awards are for scholarship, research and creative work on women and gender, the center’s largest funding year in well over a decade.
Jesse Nett

CAS Alumnus Spotlight: Jesse Nett

Jesse Nett earned his degree in Geography from UO and now he’s the Regional Cartographer for the USDA Forest Service in Colorado. Jesse Nett ...
Carol Paty

Carol Paty is helping NASA Plan Next Generation of Planetary Missions

Carol Paty contributes to NASA’s exploration path, studying the impossible and invisible.

Science of Mind: Neuroscience at the University of Oregon

A longstanding area of research excellence and a popular new major, neuroscience takes center stage at the University of Oregon.
poster of Women's History Month

Women’s History Month 2021

Celebrating Women’s history month and the incredible work by women across the UO.
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