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2021-2022 Raymund Fellows

Division of Graduate Studies Announced 2021/2022 Raymund Fellows

Six CAS graduate students are awarded the Raymund Fellows.
A UO researcher is part of a team that is uncovering the blueprint for an enzyme known to cause cancer. Above: an illustration of a cancer cell.

Chemists develop new blueprint for enzyme involved in cancer

UO chemists have developed a blueprint for PI3K and identified where a critical regulatory protein binds to enzyme, a finding with potential to help ...
The UO is using a new approach to teaching Arabic that allows students more flexibility

UO’s Arabic language program adopts a new teaching model

A team of three UO faculty members and one undergraduate student are creating a new, innovative curriculum for first-year Arabic at the UO.
Nayeon Kim

In Pursuit of Justice

Nayeon Kim believes there is benefit to society in reducing the prison terms of people of color and others victimized by excessive sentences and ...
Jana Schmieding

Native Voice: Jana Schmieding, Rutherford Falls

With Rutherford Falls, Jana Schmieding promotes Indigenous representation in Hollywood.
Pioneer Cemetery and a few creepy creations

Ghost Stories and Folklore of Mac Court and Pioneer Cemetery

On the eve of Halloween, UO folklorists deconstruct terrifying tales from a creepy campus.
Idemaru and Rosie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Profile: Kaori Idemaru, professor of Japanese linguistics

Idemaru won a Remote Teaching Award for converting a course of Japanese phonetics and pronunciation to the online world.
The Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance at Oregon to be based in Knight Campus and led by Professor Robert Guldberg

Wu Tsai Alliance Means Peak Performance for Everyone

The UO is one of six founding partners in the prestigious new Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance.
Shawna Heurgue and family members fill bags with supplies for the homeless. Heurgue has been helping others since high school

How the pandemic turbocharged one Duck’s life of service

Shawna Heurgue kickstarted her education at the UO during the pandemic, earning a degree in sociology and general social science, and now she’s ...
An IBM quantum computer at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. A team including two UO physicists has come up with a way of improving the accuracy of quantum computing.

UO physicist, colleagues offer new way to control qubits

A research team with two UO physicists have outlined new techniques for controlling the building blocks of quantum computing.
Scott Fitzpatrick, shown here during an archaeological survey on the island of Palau in Micronesia, found evidence that early residents of the island shifted agricultural practices to protect a fishery

Early Pacific islanders may have been the first conversationists

A recent study coauthored by UO archaeologist Scott Fitzpatrick suggests that human-driven environmental change created feedback loops that prompted ...
UO linguistics professor Don Daniels, the late Korom Jalum and Raga Yamu in Papua New Guinea, where Daniels will continue research on native languages with an NSF Career Award

UO professor received sought-after NSF Career Award

Linguistics professor Don Daniels will spend next summer in Papua New Guinea, where he will document languages in the most linguistically diverse ...
UO researchers are look at ways California almond growers could help boost the population of native pollinators

Researchers look for ways to boost bee-friendly practices

In their search for ways to incentivize almond growers to adopt bee-friendly practices, UO biologist and former UO postdoctoral fellow have learned ...
This year's Faculty Excellence Awards were given to 20 UO faculty members.

Provost announces 20 recipients of Faculty Excellence Awards

Twenty outstanding faculty members have been selected for the Fund for Faculty Excellence Awards for the 2021-22 academic year, with a majority being ...
The UO's Cyber Resilence Summit is Oct. 14.

Cybersecurity event offers new competition for students, others

UO’s annual Cyber Resilience Summit will be held October 14 and preceded by a new UO-hosted statewide cyber competition, the Oregon Cyber Cup ...
The crew of the Research Vessel Oceanus dockside. The ship, with UO scientists and students aboard, recently rescued a commercial fisherman off the Oregon Coast.

Research ship with OIMB staff and students rescues fisherman

UO staff and students onboard research vessel Oceanus when the ship’s crew responded to an emergency call from a sinking fishing boat, saving ...
A leafcutter ant bites into a leaf with its sharp mandibles.

Special materials boost the bite power of small critters

New UO research shows that spider fangs and scorpion sting tips are made of special materials that deliver sharpness for penetrating prey.
Three UO faculty members contributed to a new report on anti-Black racism during adolescence.

New report looks at anti-Black racism during adolescence

Three UO faculty members released a new report on anti-Black racism and inequity during adolescence, which shares research on how racism can affect ...
New studies by UO researchers outline how the COVID-19 pandemic has hit farmworkers particularly hard.

COVID-19 has hit farmworkers especially hard, UO studies show.

UO study, led by Professor Lynn Stephen, Philip H. Knight Chair in anthropology, shows that COVID-19 has caused long-term economic, social, physical ...
A UO researcher has found that people drawn to conspiracy theories share similar personality traits.

Study: Disagreeable people more prone to conspiracy theories

Doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology Cameron Kay found that people who are antagonistic, exploitative and generally disagreeable are ...
UO archaeologist Scott Fitzpatrick at a dig site on the Caribbean island of Carriacou.

Researchers denounce revived theory of Caribbean cannibalism

UO professor of archaeology Scott Fitzpatrick discusses the long-discredited theory and its recent resurfacing.
Sanjana Basak, freshman, works in a lab on her gene therapy research project. Using CRISPR-Cas9, her and her research team are working to find an alternative treatment for Fuch’s dystrophy.

Grants let undergrads turn summer into a research experience

Ten UO undergrads spent their summers honing their research skills through programs that offered them the chance to peruse their own scholarly ...
A new app called NatureQuant harnesses the latest research to track and rate your time outside.

Nature is Medicine. But What’s the Right Dose?

Oregon startup NatureQuant, cofounded by Chris Minson of UO Human Physiology, in collaboration with UO Psychology and UO Prevention Science Institute ...
Chemistry professor Marian Hettiaratchi (right) was one of four faculty members who received an award for mentorship

Four faculty members honored for mentoring student research

Four CAS faculty members have received the prestigious award.
The UO and state geologists have developed a new website that will help people plan the best route to escape a tsunami on the Oregon Coast.

UO partners with state to improve tsunami evacuation planning

The UO has partnered with the state to build a web-based platform that directs Oregon coastal communities to evacuation routes in the event of a ...
Transportation researchers in the US are developing deep-learning algorithms that will give cyclists smoother rides by allowing them to communicate with traffic signals via a mobile app.

Cyclists could get the ‘green wave’ at traffic signals with mobile app

Transportation researchers in the US are developing deep-learning algorithms that will give cyclists smoother rides by giving them to communicate ...
The Tykeson Hall terrace area is designed to serve as an outdoor classroom.

Tykeson Hall west lawn becomes an informal learning space

A specially designed outdoor classroom opens this fall: Tykeson Hall’s west terrace.
olished white rice is a staple in SE Asia, but it lacks thiamine, an essential vitamin. UO researchers found that providing thiamine supplements can improve infant health.

Providing vitamins to SE Asian women can boost infant health

Polished white rice is a staple of diets in Southeast Asia, which poses a serious public health problem because the grain has been stripped of its ...
Photos from the Bootleg Fire by Dan Morrison, senior instructor, School of Journalism and Communication

Beyond the Burning

What UO research is telling us about how destructive fire seasons came to be, and how we might mitigate their damage.
Workshop participants of this year's Breath of Life connect with partners on Zoom.

Native language institute host annual Breath of Life workshop

The Northwest Indian Language Institute and the University of Oregon recently hosted the 2021 National Breath of Life Archival Institute for ...
USA Flag

New grant will help UO prof study American, European economies

Craig Parsons has landed a $1.4 million grant to study the different ways political decisions affect the single-market economic systems of the U.S. ...
Nathan Harris and his books

CAS Alumnus Spotlight: Nathan Harris

Harris graduated with a B.A. in English, and now he’s a New York Times best-selling author.     Nathan Harris has always known he wanted to be ...
UO prof testifies before subcommittee on environmental justice

UO prof testifies before subcommittee on environmental justice

UO geography and IRES professor Laura Pulido testified before a congressional subcommittee on July 22, giving an overview of issues exacerbating ...
Carbon level meter

CO2-free fermentation sees fruition as demand increases for low-carbon biofuel

Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have partnered with the UO, Genomatica, and DeNore to research low-carbon biofuel options.
UO forensic anthropologist and osteologist Jeanne McLaughlin in the field.

UO scientist aids in ID of child in the state’s oldest cold case

A toddler who was found dead in Oregon 58 years ago has finally been identified, thanks to a concerted effort involving local, state and national law ...
UO psychology professor Elliot Berkman is studying a different approach to helping people quit smoking.

Study will examine whether ‘zooming out’ helps smokers quit.

Elliot Berkman, UO psychology professor and associate managing director of the Center for Translational Neuroscience, is researching ways to help ...
Friendly Hall (above) will be the home of the new UO School of Global Studies and Languages.

Two programs become part of the new global studies school

The Northwest Indian Languages Institute and the Yamada Language Center are now part of GSL.
Greg Retallack discusses the Mitchell fossil finds with visiting Smith College student Rana Gahwagy

UO-led team uncovers new pieces of Oregon’s dinosaur puzzle

A team of excavators led by a UO geologist has uncovered a second dinosaur bone, this one 103 million years old, at a quarry on public lands near ...
Wildland firefighters are among those who could face increasing risk of kidney disease from working in higher temperatures caused by climate change, a UO study says.

Study: Rising heat plus strenuous jobs could hurt worker health

Chris Chapman, postdoctoral researcher in the Human Physiology department, is lead author for recent study on climate change trends and heat waves.
People on the boat

A megaquake will someday strike the Pacific Northwest. This ship could figure out how bad it will be.

UO earth scientist Emilie Hooft discusses the research vessel Marcus G. Langseth, and its research on a potential mega quake in the PNW.
Global Studies student

Global Studies for a World of Opportunity

With a brand-new School of Global Studies and Languages set to launch at the UO this fall, there’s never been a better time to explore learning ...
Doctoral candidate Gabriel Luna-Arvizu (left) with professor Dan Grimes

Doctoral student is awarded a prominent HHMI fellowship

Gabriel Luna-Arvizu, a doctoral student in the lab of UO biology professor Dan Grimes and the Institute of Molecular Biology, has received a Gilliam ...
Comin Con 2021

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes Exhibition- Fantastic Four and Beyond!

UO Comic Studies professor Ben Saunders gives behind-the-scenes look at his exhibit for Comic-Con at home 2021.
Creativity Counts: An exhibit inspired by mathematical processes

Creativity Counts

“Creativity Counts: Possibilities Shaped by Constraints of Arithmetic” is an art exhibit by UO mathematician Ellen Eischen.
Fund for Faculty Excellence

The 2021-2022 Fund for Faculty Excellence Recipients

Multiple CAS faculty have been awarded this year’s fund!
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