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John Christian

Assistant Professor
Phone: 541-346-4543
Office: 173 Condon Hall
Office Hours: Tu 2-3, Th 2-3, or by appointment
Research Interests: glacier and ice-sheet dynamics, climate, earth-system models

Research Interests

My research focuses on the dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets and their relationships to climate. I study a range of settings, from small mountain glaciers in the Pacific Northwest to the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. I primarily use theoretical and computational models of ice flow, as well as data-oriented methods. My research targets the physical processes underlying glacier dynamics, often with the goal of understanding particular aspects of glacier change in the context of a warming climate. For example, a major current focus is disentangling the dynamic response of glaciers to human-driven climate change versus natural climate variability.  

Please see my personal website for more information on my research and current opportunities for students or postdocs. Those interested in joining my research group or otherwise collaborating are encouraged to email me to discuss further. 

** I will be recruiting graduate students in the Fall 2024 application cycle (to enroll Fall 2025). Interested students are engouraged to reach out via email.