Nicki Swann

Profile picture of Nicki Swann
Assistant Professor
Center for Translational Neuroscience, Human Physiology, Neuroscience
Phone: 458-205-5293
Office: 348 Gerlinger Hall
Research Interests: Neurophysiology of healthy movement and movement disorders


Nicole Swann’s research focuses on how different parts of the human brain interact to generate and control movements and how these processes can be disrupted in disease. She is particularly interested in movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease.  To investigate these questions Dr. Swann uses a combination of non-invasive and invasive electrophysiological methods in humans to record brain activity in both patients and healthy people. One goal of her research is characterize neural signatures of disease to better understand pathophysiology and improve treatments.

Dr. Swann graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Molecular Cell Biology (neurobiology emphasis) and Psychology. She then went on to complete her PhD in Neurosciences at UC San Diego before completing a postdoc at UC San Francisco. She joined the Human Physiology department of UO in 2017.