Creative Writing Program Faculty

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Daniel D. Anderson

Professor, Director of Creative Writing (On Sabbatical 2023-2024)
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-0536
Office: 209 Alder Bldg
Office Hours: By appointment via video

Angela Bogart-Monteith

Pro Tem Instructor
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-1595
Office: 216 Alder Bldg

Lowell Bowditch

Professor, Classics Department Head, Interim Director of Creative Writing
Classics, Creative Writing Program, Humanities Program, Translation Studies
Phone: 541-346-4306
Office: 108 Alder Building
Office Hours: By Appointment

Jason B. Brown

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-0510
Office: 208 Alder Bldg

Marjorie G. Celona

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies, Assistant Director of Creative Writing, Undergraduate Advisor
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-0540
Office: 211 Alder Bldg
Office Hours: Thursdays 12-2pm

Matthew Dickman

Visiting Assistant Professor
Creative Writing Program

Geri Doran

Professor of Poetry
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-0546
Office: 213 Alder Bldg
Office Hours: Fridays 11-1 and by appointment

Garrett Hongo

Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-0545
Office: 210 Alder Bldg
Research Interests: Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Asian American Literature, Diasporic Literatures, Critical Theory

Mat Johnson

The Philip H. Knight Chair of the Humanities
Comics and Cartoon Studies, Creative Writing Program, English
Phone: 541-346-0547
Office: 207 Alder Bldg.
Office Hours: Not teaching Spring 2024

Brian Trapp

Senior Instructor
Director of Disability Studies; Kidd Creative Writing Workshops Program Director
Creative Writing Program, Disability Studies
Phone: 541-346-0508
Office: 108 Alder Bldg
Office Hours: Spring 24: Mondays 11:30-1 pm, Wednesdays 11:30-1 pm & by appointment
Research Interests: creative writing, disability studies, fiction, creative nonfiction, literary editing, comedy, contemporary literature, history of the novel

Karen E. Walker

Associate Professor (On Sabbatical 2023-2024)
Associate Professor
Creative Writing Program
Phone: 541-346-0544
Office: 212 Alder Bldg