Linguistics Faculty

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B Mokaya Bosire

Senior Instructor
African Studies, Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics
Phone: 541-346-3916
Office: 377 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Mon/Wed 3:30p-4:30p or by appt.
Research Interests: Swahili, Sheng, African languages & Urban vernaculars

Don Daniels

Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: 275 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Tue 9:30-10:30, 1:30p-3:30p
Research Interests: language change, comparative reconstruction, morphosyntax, Papuan languages, fieldwork

Spike Gildea

Phone: 541-346-3906
Office: 381 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Currently on sabbatical

Vsevolod Kapatsinski

Director of Graduate Studies
Phone: 541-346-3923
Office: 367 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Mon & Wed 2:00p-3:30p, in person or Zoom
Research Interests: computational learning theory, constituency, unitization, frequency effects, probabilistic morphophonology, inferential statistics, usage-based linguistic theory, mechanisms of language change

Tyler Kendall

Linguistics, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-3199
Office: 373 Straub Hall

Kris Kyle

Associate Professor
Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics
Phone: 541-346-3808
Office: 273 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Tue 1:30p-2:30p

Florian Matter

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Office: 280 Straub Hall
Research Interests: digital linguistics, language description, Cariban languages, corpus linguistics

Trish Pashby

Senior Instructor II
American English Institute, Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics
Phone: 541-346-3906
Office: 279 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Mon & Wed 2:00p-3:00p

Rebecca Paterson

Research Associate
Phone: 541-346-0796
Office: 147 Esslinger Hall
Office Hours: In person Fri 1:00p-2:00p, virtual appts. avail Tue & Thu 9:00-9:45am (must schedule 24hrs in advance)

Tom Payne

Research Associate
Research Interests: Typological morphology and syntax. Mother-tongue based multi-lingual education. Philippine languages and Manchu languages.

Gabriela Pérez Báez

Associate Professor
Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics
Office: 263 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Mon and Wed 4:15pm to 5:15pm

Melissa (Lisa) Redford

Department Head
Phone: 541-346-3818
Office: 379 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Wednesdays 12-2pm on Zoom, otherwise by appointment
Research Interests: suprasegmental sound patterns; speech planning & production; child language acquisition

Narayan Sharma

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Phone: 541-346-3914
Office: 281 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Language documentation and description; endangered and minority Tibeto-Burman languages; morphology and syntax; linguistic typology, and field linguistics

Nathaniel Sims

Assistant Professor
Office: 371 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Tue 8:00am-10:00am
Research Interests: language documentation and revitalization, historical linguistics, Trans-Himalayan languages

Julie Sykes

Director of Center for Applied Second Language Studies
Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics
Phone: 541-346-5699
Office: 1600 Millrace Dr., Ste 201
Office Hours: By appointment only

Allison Taylor-Adams

Research Associate
Phone: 541-346-3945
Office: 161 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Mon 10:00a-12:00p or by appt. (email for appt)
Research Interests: Language revitalization and language teaching

Rachel Weissler

Assistant Professor
Black Studies, Linguistics
Office: Straub Hall 375
Office Hours: Wed 11:00a-1:00p and by appt NOTE: Dr. Weissler will be on leave Spring 2024
Research Interests: sociolinguistics, emotion perception, neurolinguistics, language and social justice

Keli Yerian

Distinguished Teaching Professor, Senior Lecturer II
Director, Language Teaching Studies MA Program, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Certificate
Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics
Phone: 541-346-4302
Office: 167 Straub Hall
Office Hours: Tue & Thu 2:00p-3:15p (in-person Straub 167 or Zoom)
Research Interests: language teacher education, pedagogy, curriculum development, program development, gesture studies, interactional discourse analysis