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Christopher H. Hendon

Assistant Professor
Computational Materials Chemistry
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone: 541-346-2637
Office: 429 LISB
Research Interests: Computational chemistry, metal-organic frameworks, defects, coffee


B.Sc. Adv. Hons., Monash University (Doug MacFarlane and Ekaterina Izgorodina), AUS, 2011.

Ph.D., University of Bath (Aron Walsh), UK, 2015. 

Postdoc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mircea Dinca, Yuriy Roman-Leshkov, and Yogesh Surendranath), USA, 2017.


The Hendon Materials Simulation group sits at the interface between inorganic materials chemistry and physical chemistry. We develop models of chemical systems and use computation to provide numerical insights into reaction mechanisms, electron and hold conduction, phonons, and defect formation in complex solids.  We are highly collaborative and work with many experimental groups both within UO and beyond. 

Our group accepts students with either a physical or synthetic chemistry background. 


A complete publication list is available on Google Scholar or my group website.

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