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Emilie Hooft

Earth Sciences
Phone: 541-346-1455
Office: 125C Cascade Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday 10-11 am, Thursday 10-11 am
Research Interests: volcano plumbing systems, mantle plumes and volcanic hotspots, Cascadia subduction zone


  • B.S. Physics & Astronomy, 1990, University of Toronto
  • Ph.D. Marine Geophysics, 1997, MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


I study how magma is transported from Earth’s mantle to the surface at volcanoes and the interaction of mantle plumes with ocean ridges. I also investigate the structures that control rupture segmentation at the Cascadia subduction zone. I lead research expeditions to the Cascadia margin, oceanic spreading centers, and volcanic hotspots. I collect and analyze dense geophysical data and use inverse modeling on high performance computers.