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Zachary Dierks

Graduate Student
Phone: 847-714-6884
Research Interests: Southeast Asian Archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, Archaeobotany, Human-environment Relationships, Environmental Reconstruction, Household Archaeology

Research Interests

Zachary is a PhD student whose research interests include paleoethnobotany, household archaeology, human-environment interactions, Southeast Asian archaeology, and archaeology related to the lives of regular people and other groups oft overlooked. Their current research involves examinations of macrobotanical and phytolith plant remains from residential spaces in communities that surround the Angkor temple Prasat Basaet in Battambang, Cambodia. Their research is part of the P’teah Cambodia Project and looks for changes in the local human-plant relationships and plant status at the residential level with incorporation into the Angkor Empire. They have participated in excavations of residential spaces associated with Prasat Basaet in Battambang, Cambodia.