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Don Dumond



B.A., University of New Mexico (1949); M.A., Mexico City College (1957); Ph.D., University of Oregon (1962)


Dr. Dumond served in Anthropology from 1962-1994, and as Director of the Museum of Natural History (now Museum of Natural and Cultural History) from 1982-1996. Major research interests are in New World prehistory and ethnohistory, historical demography, and ecology, with field work primarily in Alaska, secondarily in Mexico.  More than one hundred substantive publications include multiple articles in Science, American Anthropologist, and American Antiquity, as well as regional journals, plus fourteen authored or co-authored book-length publications; he also counts an additional nine edited or co-edited book-length works. Recent and pending papers or book chapters include “La Pintura de San Andrés Metepec” (with Michel Oudijk) and “The Story of ‘Okvik’” (2008); “Chronology of Bering Strait Cultures,” “The ‘Arctic Maritime’ Expansion: A View from the South,” and “A Note on Labret Use around the Bering and Chukchi Seas” (2009); “The Dene Arrival in Alaska” (2010); and “Technology, Typology and Subsistence: A Partly Contrarian Look at the Peopling of Beringia” (2011).