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Dianne Dugaw

Professor Emerita
Comparative Literature, English, Folklore Program
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Dianne Dugaw, Professor of English and Folklore at the University of Oregon, has performed folk music and lectured at universities, libraries, conferences, and festivals in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Mexico. Her 5-volume study and edition, Memoirs of Scandalous Women (Pickering and Chatto, 2011), makes available the life-stories of memorable 18th-century women, two outspoken courtesans and four cross-dressing soldiers. Her discussions of balladry appear inThe New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics (Princeton U Press, 2012). “Heroines Gritty and Tender, Printed and Oral, Late-Breaking and Traditional,” a chapter in Ballads and Broadsides in Britain, 1500–1800, eds. A. Guerrini and P. Fumerton (Ashgate, 2012). revisits the topic of her first book, Warrior Women and Popular Balladry, 1650–1850 (1996) and, together with her CD Dangerous Examples—Fighting & Sailing Women in Song (, continues her ongoing study of gender and sexuality in British and American folksongs, literature, and history.


Warrior Women in Anglo-American Folksong and History (

Professional Memberships

  • American Folklore Society
  • Western States Folklore Society
  • American Society for 18th-Century Studies
  • Northwest Society for 18th-Century Studies
  • Modern Language Association


Frequent vocal and instrumental performance of Anglo-American traditional music and music from the early modern era.


  • Early Modern British literature (17th and 18th Centuries)
  • Anglo-American folklore and culture, especially folk song
  • Gender and women’s studies


Publications include 'Deep Play': John Gay and the Invention of Modernity, Universitiy of Delaware Press, 2001; Warrior Women and Popular Balladry, 1650-1850, Cambriges University Press, 1989; pbk. ed., University of Chicago Press, 1996, WEBSITE: (2002); CD Recordings: Dangerous Examples: Fighting & Sailing Women in Song, (Studio Apocalypse, 2002) & with Amanda Powell & Dorothy Attneave, The Aunties' Song Kettle: Songs for Kids of All Ages (2007), both available and downloadable from; Editor, Memoirs of Scandalous Women, 5 Vols. (Pickering and Chatto, 2011); Editor, The Anglo-American Ballad: A Folklore Casebook, Garland Publishing, 1995; "Heroines Gritty and Tender, Printed and Oral, Late-Breaking and Traditional: Revisiting the Anglo-American Female Warrior" in A. Guerrini and P. Fumerton, eds., Ballads and Broadsides in Britain (Ashgate 2012);"'The Rationall Spirituall Part': Dryden and Purcell's Baroque King Arthur, in Jayne Lewis and M. E. Novak, eds. Enchanted Ground: Reimagining John Dryden, University of Toronto Press, 2004).



  • The Bible and Folklore
  • Folklore and Mythology of Britain
  • Major British Writers: John Dryden and Aphra Behn
  • Restoration and 18th-Century Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Anglo-American Ballad and Folk Song
  • Women Writers
  • Introduction to Prose Narrative
  • The 18th-Century Ballad Revival and the Rise of Ethnopoetics