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Harinder Khalsa

Senior Instructor II of Italian/YLC Self Study Language Program Coordinator
Romance Languages
Phone: 541-346-1540 (email preferred)
Office: MCK 161
Office Hours: TW 2:00-2:30 PM or by appointment
Research Interests: Italian language and culture, Turkish language and culture, Less Commonly Taught Languages, second language acquisition, teaching and teacher training.


MA in Linguistics, University of Oregon, 1998 MA in Italian, University of Oregon, 1996 Teaching Proficiency Course, Universita per Stranieri, Perugia, Italy, 1992 BA in Italian, University of Istanbul, Turkey, 1991


Hennesy, Pelin (Harinder Khalsa's former name) and Givon, Tom. "Note on the Grammar of Turkish Nominalization." In Bybee, J. and Noonan, M., eds., Complex Sentences in Grammar and Discourse: Essays in Honor of Sandra A. Thompson. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2002.