Profile picture of Douglas Hintzman

Douglas Hintzman

Professor Emerit
Phone: 541-343-7193
Research Interests: Cognitive


Dr. Hintzman's research concerns the processes that underlie memory retrieval, the conscious experience of memory, and memory-based judgments. A particular focus is on the way in which processes of encoding, storage, and retrieval give rise to our experience of recurrence in time. 

Dr. Hintzman is no longer accepting new students.

Selected Publications:

Hintzman, D.L. (2008). Recursive reminding and children's concepts of number. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 31, 656-657.

Hintzman, D.L. (2008). Memory from the outside, memory form the inside. In M.A. Gluck, J.R. Anderson & S.M. Kosslyn (Eds.), Memory and Mind (pp.15-30). New York: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Hintzman, D.L. (2010). How does repetition affect memory? Evidence from judgments of recency. Memory & Cognition, 38, 102-115.

Hintzman, D.L. (2011). Research strategy in the study of memory: Fads, fallacies, and the search for the "coordinates of truth." Perspectives on Psychological Science, 6, 253-271.

Hintzman, D.L. (2016). Is memory organized by temporal contiguity? Memory & Cognition, 44, 365-375.