Profile picture of Jenée Wilde

Jenée Wilde

Senior Instructor of English
CSWS Dissemination Specialist
Phone: 541-346-1051
Office: 331 PLC
Office Hours: On sabbatical 2022-23; email for appt.
Research Interests: gender and sexuality studies, queer studies, science fiction, folklore, popular culture, creative nonfiction writing


Because I believe that every student needs and deserves the opportunity to be successful in their college careers, the core of my pedagogical approach is a focus on inclusive teaching practices. In my course design, teaching methods and materials, student mentoring, and ongoing professional development, I strive to learn and integrate into my classes more effective and accessible education practices that support student success. My committment to equity and inclusion extends to my service leadership activities as co-chair of the English Department Diversity Committee and as co-coordinator of the CSWS Inclusive Pedagogies Research Interest Group (IPRIG), which works to develop best practices in writing pedagogy that support student diversity through forms of equitable writing assessments among other initiatives.


“Science Fiction Paradox and the Transgender Look: How Time Travel Queers Spectatorship in Predestination.” Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media, vol. 60, 2021 [peer reviewed]

Co-editor, The Culture of Science: A Casebook for Writers, 2nd edition, UO Composition Program, 2019 [Oregon Open Education Resource]

“Gay, Queer or Dimensional? Modes of Reading Bisexuality on Torchwood,” Journal of Bisexuality, vol. 15, no. 3, 2015, pp. 414-434 [peer reviewed]

“Dimensional Sexuality: Exploring New Frameworks for Bisexual Desires,” Sexual and Relationship Therapy, vol. 29, no. 3, August 2014, pp. 320-38 [peer reviewed]

“Queer Matters in The Dark Night Returns, Or Why We Insist on a Sexual Identity for Batman,” in Riddle Me This Batman! Essays from the Universe of the Dark Knight, edited by Kevin K. Durand and Mary K. Leigh, McFarland, 2011, pp. 104-123


Upper-division Courses:

          WR 423 Advanced Composition: Experimental Critical Writing

ENG 407 St. Louis Seminar: Experimental Critical Writing

          ENG 395 20th C. Literature: Science Fiction and Gender

          ENG 380 Film, Media, and History: The New Hollywood Blockbuster

          ENG 381 Film, Media, and Culture: “Otherness” in Speculative Film, TV, Comics

          WGS 361 Gender in Film and TV

Lower-division Courses:    

            ENG 104 Introduction to Literature: Fiction

            WR 123 College Composition III: Written Reasoning in the Context of Research

            WR 122 College Composition II: Written Reasoning as a Process of Argument

            WR 121 College Composition I: Written Reasoning as Discovery and Inquiry