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Carolin Keutzer

In Memoriam
Research Interests: Clinical


Dr. Keutzer is concerned with the application and understanding of the humanistic-existential and transpersonal approaches in psychotherapy.  Particular interests include the major determinants of perceptual discontinuity within the psychotherapeutic process.  Current empirical research is looking at demographic differences in the precipitating events and presenting problems of counseling center clients.

Dr. Keutzer is no longer accepting new students.

Selected Publications:

Keutzer, C.  (1988).  The perception of discontinuity n psychotherapy.  Voices:  The Journal of the American Academy for Psychotherapists, 24(3), 79-84.

Keutzer, C., Morrill, W.H., Holmes, R.H., Sherman, L., Davenport, E., Tistadt, G., Francisco, R., & Murphy, M.J.  (1998).  Precipitating events and presenting problems of university counseling center clients:  Some demographic differences.  Journal of College Student Psychotherapy, 12(3), 3-23.