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Kate Mills

Associate Professor
Chair of the Committee for an Inclusive Committee
Phone: 541-346-0475
Office: 337 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Development, Adolescence, Social Cognition, Social Networks, Environmental Education, Climate Change,


Dr. Mills is interested in accepting new doctoral students for Fall 2024. Please contact Dr. Mills if your research interests include measuring social cognitive development in adolescence or examining how children and adolescents are navigating climate change. Please see Dr. Mills' lab website for details about projects and research interests:


Selected Publications:

Guazzelli Williamson V & Mills KL (2023). Mentalizing strategies for navigating the social world in adolescence. Infant and Child Development, 32( 1), e2374.

Weinstein NY, Whitmore LB, & Mills KL (2022). Individual Differences in Mentalizing Tendencies. Collabra: Psychology, 8(1):37602. doi:

Whitmore LB & Mills KL (2022). Co-creating developmental science. Infant and Child Development, 31(1), e2273.


See a complete list of Dr. Mills' publications at: Google Scholar