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Ray Hyman

Professor Emerit
Research Interests: Cognitive


Dr. Hyman’s current project deals with how well contemporary theories of cognitive science can help us understand how smart people can go wrong.  For this purpose he has gathered a selection of detailed cases where eminent scholars have blundered badly.  Each case has been selected to highlight a different cognitive mechanism that might have accounted for the blunder.  Ideally, this project will showcase the power of cognitive science to provide possible explanations.  For some cases, the project may point to limitations of current theories and point to ways in which cognitive science needs to be modified or expanded.  He is currently working on a book that deals with this issue.

Dr. Hyman is no longer accepting new students.

Selected Publications:

Hyman, R.  (1989).  The psychology of deception.  Annual Review of Psychology, 50, 133-154.

Hyman, R.  (1999, Fall/Winter).  The mischief-making of ideomotor action.  The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine, 3, 30-39.

Hyman, R.  (2001).  Why and When Are Smart People Stupid?  In R.J. Sternberg (Ed.), Why smart people can be so stupid.  New Haven CT: Yale University Press.