Profile picture of Hannah Cantrell

Hannah Cantrell

Graduate Student
Office: 365 Condon Hall
Research Interests: Skeletal biology, evolutionary medicine, health disparities, biomarkers and bone turnover markers


Hannah is a first year (fall 2023) biological anthropology PhD student. She works with Dr. Josh Snodgrass in the Global Health Biomarker Lab. For her doctorate, she is studying skeletal biology and its connection to the rest of the body using biomarkers and bone turnover markers. She is interested in how other body systems interact with and affect (and vice versa) the human skeletal system across varying lifestyles and environments. Hannah is also passionate about teaching and outreach and plans on gaining meaningful teaching and mentoring experience during her time at UO. During her undergraduate degree at University of New Mexico she researched oral health disparities in deceased contemporary New Mexicans using postmortem CT scans (anthropology honors research) and paleopathology in skeletal remains of the Classic Maya throughout the agricultural transition (McNair Scholars research).